What is Protect The Harvest?

Protect The Harvest is a 501c3 non-profit formed in 2014 that seeks to actively inform and communicate with the general public about issues regarding agriculture, hunting, fishing, and animal ownership.

Protect The Harvest exists to defend our way of life, preserve our food freedom, and stand up for your right to farm, fish, hunt, eat meat, and own animals.

What is the problem and why should I be concerned?


The global population is skyrocketing, by 2050 there will be over 9 BILLION people on the planet. Experts estimate that in order to feed all those people, we will need to DOUBLE our food production, using the same amount (if not less) land and resources that we do today.

To make matters worse, the very techniques and technologies that have allowed food producers to keep up with current demand are under attack from misguided activists and uninformed government bureaucrats.
At the same time, the rights of individuals to hunt and fish, and even to own animals for entertainment or food, are being assaulted.
The result is an America that is increasingly hungrier, less free, and less secure.

Who is HSUS?

Founded in 1954 as an animal rights advocacy group, the HSUS is the largest policy arm of America’s radical animal rights movement.  A group whose financial assets number in the hundreds of millions, HSUS pushes legislation, regulation and policies throughout the US and world to restrict animal agriculture, medical research, and hunting (just to name a few).

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) would like you to think that they’re different than infamous animal rights radicals like PETA and that they’re ok with animal agriculture, as long as it fits their definition of “humane.”  But in reality, HSUS is just as radical an organization as PETA, and they ultimately want to see all animal agriculture, hunting and fishing, and animal ownership brought to an end.

We’re revealing more of the Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) story, and you can learn about it by clicking here.

But isn’t HSUS just like my local Humane Society?

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is not, and has never been, an animal shelter.  As HSUS head Wayne Pacelle famously declared, “We never said we funded animal shelters…That’s not in our history or in our statement.”  The vast majority of Americans (71% in fact) believe HSUS to be a collection of local humane societies, but sadly, they are wrong. You can find out for yourself, here.

In fact, it seems the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) isn’t even affiliated with any actual Humane Societies.  HSUS uses the name but doesn’t give much back, which seems to really irk local Humane Societies that are starving for funding to actually care for animals.

So if they aren’t funding animal shelters, where does your money go when you see the commercials and donate to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)?  Click here to find out the truth.

How can I help?

To stay up to date on the latest in the fight between animal rights extremists and America’s farmers, sportsmen, and animal owners, subscribe to our email updates and/or send us a comment, here.  We’ll make sure you are ready to act when and where your help is needed most.  You can also follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the very latest in the battle against animal rights extremism in America.