Forrest Lucas – Founder & Executive Director

Forrest is the Founder and Executive Director of Protect the Harvest, a group he started in 2011 to assist in the fight for the rights of America’s farmers, ranchers, animal owners and sportsmen/sportswomen.

Forrest is a resident of the state of Indiana. Born and raised in Ramsey, Indiana as the oldest of four, he comes from humble beginnings. In his teens, Forrest went to work on a cattle farm in Harrison County, IN to support his family. After graduating from high school, he took several jobs, from working in a muffler factory to hauling loads in a dump truck.

Only three years removed from high school, he purchased his first semi-truck and began long-haul trucking. This led to him purchasing more semi-trucks and even a convenience store throughout the next decade.

Forrest met his wife Charlotte in 1979 and the couple later had a son, Morgan, whom they raised along with the children they both had from previous relationships.

Over time, Forrest developed a fascination for mixing oils and additives to improve gas mileage and overall performance in his vehicles. This would lead to the creation of several products and the incorporation of Lucas Oil Products in 1989.

Forrest has seen his business grow rapidly over the last 25 years, with more than 100 products being sold in the United States and abroad. This success has allowed Mr. Lucas to be able to pursue many other successful business ventures.

The most notable of these ventures can be found in the sporting world. Lucas Oil Stadium has been the home of the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League for nearly a decade, and the Lucas Oil name is prominent in the world of racing, with tracks located in California, Missouri, and Indianapolis, as well as the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

But Forrest’s passion for causes near and dear to his heart are not limited solely to the business world. He has dedicated his resources to protecting America’s prosperity.

Having had a lifelong association with agriculture, it was natural for Forrest to found Protect the Harvest in 2011. Protect the Harvest, under Forrest Lucas’ guidance, continues the fight against animal rights groups who want to end meat consumption, halt consumer access to affordable food, eliminate all hunting practices, and outlaw rodeos, circuses and pet ownership.

Besides staying busy with his many business ventures and attending dozens of sporting events throughout the year, Forrest enjoys spending time with his family and taking care of his cattle ranch in Missouri.