3763 – South Steens Sweet Raven – Jill Pierre

Raven’s Story – Wild Spayed Filly Futurity Episode 1

Jill Pierre – Trainer Bio

Wild Spayed Filly Futurity – South Steens Sweet Raven was purchased at the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity and is in training with Jill Pierre of Jones Performance Horses.  At home, Jill calls her Raven and they are planning to show at the 2018 Wild Spayed Filly Futurity in Reno, Nevada next year.  If you would like to learn more about the competition and the events, click here:  http://protecttheharvest.com/wild-spayed-filly-futurity/wild-spayed-filly-event-overview/

Early Horsemanship

Jill Pierre of Jones Performance Horses began riding in the early 1990’s. She rode English originally, then switched to Western riding when she began working as an Assistant Trainer at Bar Eleven Ranch. Jill showed in her first Reined Cowhorse show in 2007. She has also competed in reining and was the 2016 Limited Open Derby Reserve Champion at Brasada Ranch in Oregon. 

Wild Spayed Filly Futurity

Partnership In and Out of the Arena

Jill is in a relationship with Justin Jones who is also competing in the Wild Spayed Filly Futurity on Kelli’s Gotta Gun. The couple plans to work together on both horses – as Jill’s strength is in rein work, while Justin’s is cow work.

Wild Spayed Filly Futurity

Jill explained that she and Justin feel strongly about our cause and want to do their best to educate the public about wild mustang adoption.

Progress Updates:

Check back in with us periodically to follow the progress of the wild spayed fillies.

We will be updating their webpages and will be posting more information on the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity Facebook page as well as our YouTube Channel.


South Steens Sweet Raven

South Steens Sweet Raven will be offered for sale at the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity Horse Sale on September 15th after she competes in the Wild Spayed Filly Futurity on Friday, September 14th.  Check out her sale video: