4123 South Steens Roany Wrinkles – Whitney Campbell

Wild Spayed Filly Futurity – South Steens Roany Wrinkles was purchased at the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity and is in training with Whitney Campbell of WRC Horsemanship LLC.  At home, Whitney calls her Wrinkles and they are planning to show at the 2018 Wild Spayed Filly Futurity in Reno, Nevada next year.  If you would like to learn more about the competition and the events, click here:  http://protecttheharvest.com/wild-spayed-filly-futurity/wild-spayed-filly-event-overview/

Wild Spayed Filly Futurity

Whitney Campbell – Trainer Bio

Early Horsemanship

Whitney Campbell’s love for horses began when she was just a little girl. When she was 12 her parents gifted her with her first horse as a surprise birthday present. At age 13, she decided she wanted to devote herself to learning natural horsemanship. In the following years, she graduated top of her class in a certification program held by select certified John Lyons trainers, Ron Valentine and Kathy Joseph. Then at 19, she had an opportunity to move to a ranch in Wyoming run by professional horse trainer, Ken McNabb, where she was able to train with him for 6 months. Since moving back home, she took time off from training, to get married, get her degree, and raise her kids. She and her husband have their own farm in Lake Stevens, Washington where Whitney is able to pursue her lifelong passion of helping horses and riders excel in their horsemanship.

Mustang Experience

    Whitney is currently an active board member for the Mustang Yearlings/Washington Youth program and successfully assists many teens annually as a mentor trainer. She has competed in 8 Mustang Makeover competitions consistently placing in the Top 5 and is a multiple champion in the preliminary classes. In 2009, Whitney was selected to compete in the Albany Extreme Mustang Makeover – which was her first opportunity to work with mustangs. Then again in the spring of 2013, Whitney bought a mustang from the Burns, Oregon BLM facility, to train and compete in Mustang Million in Fort Worth, Texas. They competed against some of the best trainers in the country, had clean rides, and finished 56th overall out of 219 riders. Although they didn’t leave with any prize money, the relationship she built with the mare is something that has forever cemented a love for mustangs.

Wild Spayed Filly Futurity_Whitney Campbell

Following a Dream

Whitney had previously purchased a prospect to compete in the 2010 Snaffle Bit Futurity, but when life got in the way, she had to put that aside.  The opportunity has presented itself again to compete in the 2018 Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity.  This time it is with the 2018 Wild Spayed Filly Futurity, which combines both her passion for mustangs and reined cowhorse – to Whitney it is a dream come true.

Progress Updates:

Check back in with us periodically to follow the progress of the wild spayed fillies.

We will be updating their webpages and will be posting more information on the Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity Facebook page as well as our YouTube channel.