California Breeder Permit Bill AB702 Tabled

GREAT NEWS – CA AB 702 – Tabled

From our friends at National Animal Interest Alliance Trust:

“AB 702, the breeder permit bill, has been pulled from this morning’s hearing in the Assembly Business and Professions Committee by the author. AB 702 is now a two-year bill.
We are at the beginning of a two-year legislative cycle so converting this bill to a two-year bill means that it is dead for this year. It’s possible for it to be changed and brought back next year, but judging by history, that is unlikely.
This is a huge victory for everyone involved.
Thanks to everyone who contacted their assembly members and to all the great groups that worked so effectively to stop this bill: in particular AKC and CalAnimals, and to all the other groups that worked together to defeat this bad legislation.
Special thanks to our lobbyist, Kathy Lynch, for helping to organize the opposition and aim us in the right direction.
Last but not least, thanks to the NAIA and NAIA Trust members who always come through when it counts.”

For more information about National Animal Interest Alliance Trust (NAIA) visit their website HERE

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