Animal Extremist Lexicon- Profit


What’s in a Word?

Profit: The definition of profit in the dictionary is “a valuable return to derive benefit from.” We profit from our investments, from keeping equity in our homes, from learning from our mistakes. Profit is a positive word that describes benefits to our livelihood. There is nothing wrong with making a profit in the stock market, on resale value of homes, or of a child who sells their 4H or FFA market animal to help them save for college.

However, animal extremists find it not only negative, but abhorrent for anyone to make a profit from the sale or use of an animal. This doesn’t even mean selling market animals. They are opposed, adamantly, to the sale of purebred animals, of owners/trainers/jockeys having a share in prize money by a racehorse, of animal trainers receiving just compensation for their work training an animal to hunt, work, or for service. They are even opposed to breeders of service animals receiving compensation for the hours they spend researching bloodlines, making matches to improve their breed, paying for OFA certification, eye certification and all other testing done to ensure the breeders are healthy and will throw healthy litters. In the eyes of an animal extremist, profit is a dirty word.