Agriculture Matters



Agriculture Matters If You Eat, Feed Your Family, Feed Your Livestock or Feed Your Pets

Now more than ever, it is important to understand what is happening to our food supply in America. Fuel and fertilizer prices as well as egregious regulations are driving the cost of food sky high. This means your rights and ability to feed your family are at risk and under attack by special interest NGO’s and non-elected government agencies.

These groups in the United States have evolved into a wealthy and successful attack industry determined to:

  • End animal agriculture

  • Control farmers with egregious regulations

  • Control water via reinstitution of overreaching WOTUS regulations

  • Eliminate hunting and fishing

  • Outlaw animal exhibitions like pony rides, dog shows, horse shows, rodeo events, 4H and FFA projects, livestock shows and sales, as well as species protection organizations like zoos

  • “Rewild” rural America which impacts farmers and ranchers and destroys rural, agricultural communities

  • Control the dissemination of information so that people are unaware of the agenda and activities which are impacting American families

Agriculture is vitally important to our way of life and to the life of every American whether purchasing food at the grocery store, growing your own, or eating at restaurants. If these special interest groups succeed, it will even be difficult or extremely expensive to obtain pet food for pets.

A United and Engaged Voice is Needed

Unfortunately, most Americans have been focusing on work and taking care of families instead of paying attention to the agenda and activities of these groups. They are small in number but are well funded and organized. They have made strides due to the public’s complacency. We are now at a critical turning point. Together our voices are stronger in number than these special interest groups. If we unite and engage, we can stop these groups from making progress.

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