Animal Extremist Lexicon: Factory Farm


What’s in a Word?

Factory Farm: Animal extremists refer to all large modern farms as factory farms. They do this because it creates a negative association and connotation. This negative term plays into their ultimate ideological agenda of ending all animals in human care. They want to destroy the human-animal bond and the consumption of nutritious animal protein.

The language of the animal extremist lexicon is designed to ignite strong negative emotions and sway consumers into believing that all livestock operations are inherently bad, especially if they are large. Animal extremists fully ignore the fact that animal agriculturalists care about the animals in their charge. They ignore the hard work farmers and ranchers engage in to keep their animals healthy and happy because it results in a higher quality product, and it is simply the right thing to do. The reality is that the larger farms are often more likely to have more advanced technology and funds to spend on the best practices to promote animal welfare.