Government By The People

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We the People – The Constitution of the United States
Educating our youth about the Constitution, our country’s history, and its rules and regulations.

Handbook – Government by the People
Educating our youth about structures, functions and operations of government at federal, state and local levels.

Civic And Agricultural Boards That Run Your World
Students will explain the roles of public boards in their community that make decisions impacting their community and agriculture. Students will participate as board members when they are eligible.

Constitution of United States of America.

State Legislative Resources For Students
Students can have the duties as a Page in the Senate or House in selected States. Serving as a Page is an excellent way to learn about and participate in the legislative process of your State and how the legislative process works for Agriculture.

Social Media Volunteer Guidebook
There are so many ways to help us get the word out. One of the easiest is by utilizing social media. Just spending a few minutes a day, sharing and commenting on our posts, re-tweeting and liking our tweets, sharing our blog posts, joining Facebook groups and inviting your friends to “like”, follow and visit our social media outlets can really make a difference. We have put together a guide for anyone interested in helping us spread our message through social media.

How to Be a Good Citizen
Our core beliefs are twofold about this curriculum: First, we should teach our youth about the structures, functions, and operations of their government. Second, your teaching about the structure, functions, and operation of their government will inspire each student to participate more fully as a good citizen in the processes of government.