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The following is a brief list of Protect The Harvest efforts to promote and defend

A Free and Fed America™

Social Media Engagement

Daily interaction on social media platforms has enabled us to engage with millions of individuals. We’ve received tens of thousands of comments, resulting in meaningful dialogue on important issues.

Supreme Court Victory on FOIA

We collaborated with nine organizations to successfully clarify the Freedom of Information Act’s Exemption 4 in a landmark Supreme Court case, safeguarding confidential commercial information, particularly benefiting animal enterprises.

Protecting California Families and Ag Producers

In response to the Humane Society of the United States-funded Proposition 12, we launched a high-profile educational campaign that reached millions of people regarding the negative impacts on agriculture, animal ownership and food security.

Dassinger Family Ranch in North Dakota

We played a crucial role in amending North Dakota’s Century Code, ensuring due process for animal owners facing property seizure, ensuring their rights and ownership.

Pardoning Oregon Ranchers

Our relentless efforts on behalf of government-persecuted Dwight and Steven Hammond led to President Trump’s pardon, saving their livestock and 40-year horse breeding program.

Exposing Radical Environmental NGOs

We unveiled the true intentions of specific environmental extremist groups, shining light on their anti-agriculture agenda and the harm they cause farmers and ranchers.

Hickory County, Missouri

We successfully educated the community about the consequences of an anti-agriculture proposal, rallied them to push back, and ultimately protected farmers and ranchers in the region.

Trucking ELD Mandate Awareness

We provided information and support to industries affected by the federal Electronic Logging Device Mandate, highlighting its inconsistencies and potential adverse impact on agriculture and welfare to animals in transit.

Horses on American Rangelands

We raised awareness about the crisis surrounding overpopulation of wild horses on American rangelands and advocated for responsible management.

Wild Spayed Filly Futurity

We demonstrated the viability of spaying wild horse herds as a population management tool, increasing awareness and doubling adoption rates.

Happy the Elephant

We played a crucial role in a successful decision by New York’s highest court in our defense of habeas corpus for humans versus animals. We thereby ensured protection of animals from being categorized as ‘persons’ under the law.

HSUS Attack on Missouri Agriculture

In 2010 we played a pivotal role in blocking HSUS threats to Missouri agriculture. We aggressively sought to amend Proposition B, which posed a significant threat to the state’s agriculture industry when it was passed. Our efforts focused on securing the passage of the Right to Farm Amendment, which safeguards rights of Missouri farmers and ranchers.

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