Your Story Needs To Be Told

You're not just farming, you're feeding America and protecting the American way of life.

How We Help


Stay ahead of the curve with easy-to-digest, updated information. You’ll never again be left in the dark about the news that impacts you.


We fight tirelessly for your right to farm. As advocates for you, we push back against unjust attacks and make sure your voice is heard.


Be with a trusted support group of producers and farmers who understand your trials, triumphs, and dedication.

You deserve respect for your hard work.

You shouldn't be attacked for feeding the nation.

Unseen Challenges of the Unheard Farmer

  • Constant attacks on farming practices

  • Feeling unheard and misrepresented

  • Misinformation about ‘Big Ag’

  • Dealing with external pressure from animal rights and environmental groups

We understand the issues impacting our food producers, and we feel your frustration.

You work long hours, battling nature and regulations while striving to feed the nation. We're not just a group, but a partner you can trust.

We believe in the right to inform and educate to protect your freedom and respond to laws, regulations, or misinformation surrounding animal welfare and ownership. We're here to stand by you in this fight.

Your Reliable Partner, Committed to Defending Your Freedom

  • Founded in 2011 in response to unjust
    farming legislations

  • Working alongside major farming and animal welfare organizations

  • Connected at city, county, state, and
    federal levels

  • Staffed with industry leaders and advocates

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Share Your Story

Get involved and let your voice be heard.

Get Your Power Back

Reshape your community and the future of farming.

From feeling frustrated and defeated to standing tall as a proud harvester. Fierce and defiant, you are no longer just a farmer, but a defender of your way of life.

Cultivate a Brighter Tomorrow

Your stories are heard nationwide and you receive the respect and acknowledgement you deserve.

Without Taking Action, What's at Stake?

Increased restrictions, higher production costs, decreased respect for the farming industry, and losing a way of life that deserves so much better.