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Protect The Harvest offers unwavering support and advocacy, equipping you with the tools and resources needed to safeguard your agricultural freedom and ensure your story is heard.

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“Did you know the new county zoning is going to ban barbed wire fences in Flint Hills cowboy country?

This was a statement that compelled every person to label me as a Conspiracy Theorist. 

Everyone except Protect The Harvest. Protect The Harvest took my phone calls when no one else would. I could not keep up this fight against the federal coveting of private property without Protect The Harvest.”

Angel Cushing

Private Property Advocate & Protect The Harvest Volunteer

“Protect The Harvest has impacted me personally and my industry. I am a 6th-generation rancher.

First, Protect The Harvest has impacted my industry by constantly advocating and informing the masses about the current attacks on the ranching industry.

These attacks are important because oftentimes, they hit ranchers and other people involved in agriculture industries without any warnings at all. Protect The Harvest has worked diligently to keep on top of those attacks and give agriculture industries the information we need to be prepared for incoming laws and other information that environmentalists and animal rights activists throw at us. Protect The Harvest has also helped me personally as I start my own journey into social media agriculture advocacy by being willing to collaborate with me and support my own efforts in starting the American Made Initiative. It has been an honor to work with an organization that loves agriculture as much as Protect The Harvest does.”

Sarah Falen

Attorney, Property Advocate, Social Media Influencer

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