By Jaclyn Krymowski for Protect the Harvest

Two Republican Senators have taken initiative against President Joe Biden’s “America the Beautiful” 30 x 30 Initiative by introducing legislation of their own. The 30 x 30 Termination Act is backed by Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) and Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) and would effectively block the plan that seeks to retain nearly one-third of American land for conservation.

If passed, this act would essentially nullify the executive order as it stands and would prevent the funding of any efforts to carry out the initiative plus some additional provisions.

Why This Action is Necessary

The signing of “America the Beautiful” raised major concern from agriculture organizations across the nation, especially from states where the vast majority of land is privately held and used for farming or ranching purposes.

“Land ownership is a core right protected by the Constitution and we cannot allow radical environmentalists who are in the driver’s seat on 30 x 30 dictate what happens on our land. This initiative is further proof of the clear disconnect between the left and those who feed, fuel, and clothe the world,” said Senator Marshall as reported by multiple media outlets. “Farmers and ranchers are the original conservationists, and no one knows what’s best for the land better than those who work on it day in and day out. The best thing the federal government can do is trust the environmental judgment of farmers and ranchers and let them do what they do best: steward the land.”

Senator Cramer sits on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committees and also shared his thoughts with the press.

“President Biden’s Administration is paving the way for another attempted land grab by the federal government,” he stated. “He should learn from the North Dakotans who understand conservation goals are best set by the local communities impacted by them, not by bureaucrats in Washington. Our bill would nullify the President’s ill-conceived plan and protect American taxpayer dollars from being used to carry out this initiative.”

Senator Cramer has also argued in a press release that the 30% conservation goal is an arbitrary amount, and it could greatly threaten private property rights and local control.

“North Dakotans have experienced enough attempted land grabs by the federal government already, and they understand conservation goals are best set by the local communities impacted by them, not by bureaucrats in Washington,” he said. “The last thing they need is the federal government increasing its footprint and getting more in their way.”

What Will This Mean for Biden’s “America the Beautiful” Plan?

Specifically, the 30 x 30 Termination Act would block the current executive order while protecting private property rights in a variety of ways. Those include the following as outlined by press releases:

• Nullifying Section 216 of Executive Order 14008 which contains the 30 x 30 program.
• Prohibiting federal funds from being spent to carry out the 30 x 30 program, the report in Section 216, and any substantially similar program.
• Ensuring no net-loss of non-federal land in counties and states that already contain 15% or more federal land.
• Ensuring no net-loss of multiple-use activities in states unless such action has been authorized by federal statute.
• Requiring state and congressional approval prior to the federal acquisition of more than a quarter section of non-federal land.
• Prohibiting withdrawing federal lands from mineral development without congressional approval.
• Prohibiting unilateral 30 x 30 designations under the Antiquities Act in counties and states that already contain 15% or more federal land.

This act has also been introduced in the house with a companion legislation thanks to freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert, (R-CO).

Protect The Harvest is not a political organization and we do not side with any political party, however, we do side with the American people and their right to own property.

We encourage you to contact your Senators and Congresspersons and let them know where you stand on the 30 x 30 Termination Act. A phone call or email can make more difference than you know.