A Win for Salmon, Steelhead, and Sturgeon at the Bonneville Dam


On December 18, 2018, the Endangered Salmon Predation Protection Act passed with bipartisan support. This bill came about after tireless work by several key politicians from both Oregon and Washington. The politicians saw a clear way to conservation of keystone species like salmon, steelhead and sturgeon, and were successful in moving towards that goal.

Previously, predation of these fish species led to dangerous declines in numbers that concerned state fish and wildlife scientists. Loss of fish runs at the Bonneville Dam would have affected not only those specific species, but orcas, and the ecosystem as a whole. Immediate action was required to preserve them and because of that, we were supportive of this legislation from the beginning.

We are thrilled to share that since the bill’s passing ten months ago, we’ve received reports from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife that:
“Willamette Falls sea lion removal effort this past season and the effect on the predation rate on winter steelhead and spring Chinook was successful. The predation rate on winter steelhead is estimated at approximately 8%. This is down significantly from the estimated 21% and 25% the previous two years. The predation rate on spring Chinook is estimated at approximately 4%, down from 9% past several years.”

This situation is a perfect example of utilizing facts, not fear, to push legislation on behalf of wildlife management. We are happy to have been able to help bring this issue to the public’s attention. To read additional information about this issue, please follow click HERE.

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