An Alert From Our Friends at USARK- Sioux City Iowa


An Alert From Our Friends at USARK

Are you like many Americans and have more than two pet dogs or cats? Responsible pet owners know that having more than one of any species is healthier for their pets because they play together, eat together and socialize better when they aren’t the only dog or cat in the house. In the case of cats, mutual grooming is as important to their health and well-being and helps curb unwanted poor behaviors. This is important to recognize that by overregulation and over legislation, animal extremists will be successful in their quest to end animal/human bonds.

Protect The Harvest, in our ongoing mission to Protect, Inform and Respond to threats to our American Way of Life, periodically shares alerts from other groups whose values align with ours. This proposed ban is just another step to eradicating animal ownership. Thank you to USARK (United States Association of Reptile Keepers) for the following information.

***Local residents must voice their opposition immediately. Next reading and Vote are scheduled for Monday, October 10.

ALERT: Sioux City, IA
Oct 5, 2022 | USARK Newsletter

Sioux City is taking steps to severely limit the number of animals that can be owned by its residents by redefining the term domestic animal (which currently only includes dogs and cats). As redefined, it would include most animals and limit the number per household to no more than three pets in total.

This ban narrowly passed its first reading (3-2) so not all Council members approve of this legislative abuse.

Local residents must voice their opposition immediately as the next reading and vote are scheduled for Monday, October 10.

The language can be found HERE

If passed, it would be illegal to:
1. own more than two of a pet species;
2. own more than three combined pets.

Sioux City already bans ownership of more than two dogs or two cats. The City also limits the total number of pets to three (i.e. two dogs and one cat or vice versa). The new ban would make more than three total pets illegal for pets other than dogs and cats, too.
The only pets excluded from this new ban would be hamsters, guinea pigs, and fish. It would be legal to have 300 hamsters but illegal to have three crested geckos or three lovebirds.

Regardless of the species, the numbers assigned to these “pet limits” are completely arbitrary and capricious with no logical or scientific grounds to argue the merit. One person may responsibly and humanely care for seven dogs while another person may not be able to responsibly have one dog. The problem is isolated to the bad owners and not how many pets people have. Punishing responsible animal owners by claiming it will stop irresponsible actions by others is bad government at its finest through collective punishment.

To illustrate the absurdity, all of the below would be illegal in Sioux City:

1. one dog, one parakeet, and two leopard geckos = illegal
2. three canaries = illegal
3. two cockatiels and two bearded dragons = illegal
4. one ferret, one turtle, and two tortoises = illegal
5. one corn snake, one parrot, and two rabbits = illegal
6. Do you get the picture?

Sioux City does have an Excess Domestic Animals Permit (EXAP). Currently, this permit is only available for dog and cat owners and may not be available for owners of other species. The terms of this permit are also overreaching. For instance, you must get signatures from all neighbors within 100′ of your property line stating that they approve of all of your animals. If two neighbors protest, then your permit is denied. Many, if not most, people will protest if you ask them if they approve of your three corn snakes (as some studies show that over 60% of people report having an irrational fear of snakes). Even if all neighbors approve, the permit can still be denied. A property inspection may be required during the permit process.

This is a much bigger issue than pets and it reeks of government overreach and injustice based on bias rather than logic. This type of lawmaking should upset all Americans and not just pet owners.

What to do:

Remember to be civil and professional when contacting lawmakers!
We ask that only Sioux City residents or organizations with members in Sioux City send emails.

Attend the next meeting and voice your opposition, if possible.

1. Next City Council Meeting (agenda not yet posted):
Date: 10/10/2022 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: City Hall Council Chambers
405 6th Street, Sioux City, Iowa 51101

2. Email the City Council.
Click here to send an email to all City Council members (scroll down to the “Contact All Council Members” form):
Sample email can be found HERE

3. Local residents can also call City Council members (be respectful). Phone numbers here:

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