Arizona United Animal Care and Business Coalition

For a number of years we have been encouraging the development of state-based animal interest groups to inform and educate the public, to keep an eye on the activities of extremist groups and to unite together to protect our lives with animals. We were pleased and honored to be in virtual attendance of this first gathering of the Arizona United Animal Care and Business Coalition held on December 4th.

A Protect The Harvest representative as well as a representative from US ARK (United States Association of Reptile Keepers) spoke to the group which included County Board of Supervisors Chairman and the Chairman of the AZ Senate Ag. Committee, also in attendance were five other legislators and a Arizona Supreme Court Judge.

Represented were various interest groups including Dairy, Poultry and Buffalo Farmers, Zoos, Aquarium, Herp interests and breeders, Aviculturists, Reptile Show and Conference sponsors, Pet Shops, Aquarium Shops, Herp. Specialist Shops, Nature Shop managers, and Drive-thru Animal Parks in the state.

After the presentation every one enjoyed a Bar B Que Dinner in the Aquarium Restaurant along with several education animals on hand. The evening was a success. Arizona is leading the way for protecting animal interests in all states.

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