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On February 16, 2021 CA AB702 was introduced which will impact dog and cat owners. Our friends at The Cavalry Group prepared this legislative alert.

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Alert from The Cavalry Group

CA AB702 – Statewide Mandatory Licensing for Owners of Intact Dogs and Cats
Assigned to the California Assembly Business and Professions Committee.

Hearing date to be announced.

California AB702 is motivated purely by anti-breeder sentiment as there is clearly no actual “crisis” that needs to be resolved. The existing California law, the Polanco-Lockyer Pet Breeder Warranty Act, addresses all concerns regarding professional commercial breeders… now AB702 is written to target “hobby breeders” out of business and punish lawful animal owners for having intact dogs or cats.

If you are a resident of the state of California and own an unaltered dog or cat, AB702 would mandate that you either spay/neuter your pets or obtain a breeders license which would include oversight from local animal control and allow them entrance into your residence to “inspect” your animals.

California AB702 empowers local animal control to become the regulatory agent for ANY animal owners with an intact dog or cat. So whether you’re a hobby breeder or own an intact dog or cat, AB702 would empower animal control to enter your place of residence to inspect.

Unfortunately, the California Legislature is still buying into the false narrative, or myth, of pet overpopulation in the United States and that most dogs are raised in subpar conditions. These are false narratives representative of animal rights lobbyists and ideologues promoting this bill to lawmakers — NOT the facts.

Facts about California AB702:

  • If passed, AB702 would give local animal control jurisdiction and access to private homes and confidential business information of anyone who owns an intact male or female dog or cat.
  • AB702 requires a breeding permit and a business license of anyone who owns intact dog or cat.
  • Mandating licensing fees is going to accomplish nothing but reduce the number of dogs and cats that are licensed because people who cannot afford the high licensing fee will not license their dogs and cats, let alone the cost of the mandatory spay/neuter – thereby potentially increasing the unwanted dog population in the shelters.
  • Once passed, AB702 would no longer be under the state’s purview allowing each local animal control to set up their own rules and oversight criteria.
  • AB702 intends to over-regulate hobby breeders and expose their private property to local animal control inspections.
  • People who own dogs for show will no longer be able to show because dogs that are altered are not allowed in the show circuit. AB702 is an attack on hobby and show breeders!
  • AB702 punishes law-abiding animal owners by forcing them to either spay and neuter their dog or cat or obtain a breeder permit.
  • AB702 is counter to the California laws that have made mandatory spay-neuter illegal.
  • AB702 is an unfunded mandate placing the cost of enforcement and inspections on local jurisdictions with no reimbursement, passing the costs onto the permit and license holder.
  • AB702 puts regulatory oversight into the hands of local animal control agencies which do not have the training to manage this potentially huge undertaking.
  • AB702 is misguided and unneeded, as there are existing laws currently on the books which have established rigorous requirements for dog breeders and consumers protections.
  • AB702 will increase the cost of pets across the state of California, harming lower and middle income families who want to purchase a purpose bred pet.


The Cavalry Group has set up an option for commenting directly to California lawmakers. They are askding that the above talking points are used, and that the information should be used as a guide because boilerplate letters are not read.

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