Call to Action- San Antonio Carriage Rides


Urge San Antonio City Council to Vote NO on Proposed Horse-Carriage Ban

Yet another city with horse-drawn carriages is under attack and this time it’s in Texas. San Antonio is known for the Alamo, the Riverwalk and its horse-carriage rides. As with other cities, the ordinance is being pushed by animal extremist groups who do not want any animal/human interaction. Nothing except a complete ban on horse-drawn carriages will appease them.

These extremists do not care that the horses are well cared for, highly regulated, under veterinarian supervision, and subject to oversight by San Antonio Police Department and Animal Control. They do not care that banning the carriage rides means loss of jobs, loss of homes for the horses, or even that horses, being draft animals, thrive when having a job to do. They don’t care that some children may never have an opportunity to be near a horse, let alone touch one, should the carriage rides be banned.

Our friends at the Cavalry Group have asked for help.

Please click HERE to read their appeal and submit your respectful request that the City Council vote NO on the proposed ordinance.

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