CRITICAL CALL TO ACTION to Save Rodeo in Los Angeles

Comments Are Needed Immediately in Support of Rodeo in Los Angeles

Our partner, the Western Sports Coalition has informed us that due to unforeseen circumstances, there is an

  • Immediate need for phone calls to the Los Angeles City Council PAAW Committee members listed below,

  • Request that the PAAW Committee amend the ordinance as written and

  • Accept the Western Sports Coalition’s amendments.

  • The meeting is December 7, 2022

As was seen in Alameda County, Rodeo and Livestock Production are closely related. The tools used in rodeo are those used daily by our ranchers who provide us with good, nutritious protein.
Spurs are used in all equestrian sports as well, so voting to ban the tools used in rodeo is also voting to ban all equestrian activities.

Banning implements used daily for the welfare of the livestock not only endangers the horse and riders but increases the stress on the livestock. Stressed livestock inhibits production and leads to more food insecurity in an area that is already impacted by high food costs.

Showing community support for rodeo does help.

The Committee’s decision may be greatly influenced by the level of public participation when this ordinance is brought up for discussion.

A list of Talking Points can be found HERE

The Western Sports Industry Coalition has provided language that:

  • Clarifies restrictions on equipment,

  • Removes unnecessary equipment bans, and

  • Removes blatantly untruthful language that states rodeo uses “inhumane implements…which inflict injury, pain and suffering.”

Please contact the Councilmembers listed below and respectfully and politely request that they do not vote to ban rodeo or its implements, which are used all over the country not only for rodeo, but for livestock production.

Councilmembers Information:

Councilmember Paul Koretz, Chair
ph. (213) 473-7005

Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson
ph. (213) 473-7008

Councilmember Mike Bonin
ph. (213) 444-3508

Learn More:

To learn more about Rodeo and its historical and cultural ties to Los Angeles, click HERE

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