“Ecocide” Legislation is Radical Environmentalism

By Jaclyn De Candio for Protect The Harvest

A poorly kept secret is that environmental extremist groups and like-minded NGOs work diligently in America to undermine personal liberties and essential industries, including agriculture. Such has been the case for half a century or longer. As they routinely do, radical environmentalists recently added a new term to their misinformation/disinformation vocabulary: “Ecocide.” Sounds ominous.

It’s a term being used to demonize activity that allegedly damages the environment based on how these groups define the so-called devastation. This war of words is another example of environmental extremist ideology focused on creating more and tougher restrictions for Americans, our society, and economy. This folly has serious consequences for the nation’s food-producing capabilities, food security, and food independence.

According to the group Stop Ecocide International – which is a partner of the United Nations (UN) – this term is used to describe what is happening to our planet: the mass damage and destruction of the natural living world. It literally means ‘killing one’s home’ and was coined in the 1970s by an American bioethicist to describe the environmental damage caused by Agent Orange used during the war in Vietnam.

New Word, Same Environmental Extremism

In 2021, an international group of activist criminal and environmental attorneys invented a legal definition for “ecocide.” They made the definition available for nations and states to use as part of an ongoing effort to identify and pursue alleged cases of “environmental damages” punishable by the International Criminal Court.

“This would create an arrestable offense for anyone committing ecocide and would make individuals responsible for acts or decisions that cause severe damage to the environment liable for criminal prosecution,” explains Melissa Hart in an opinion piece for Farmer’s Advance.

Legal Tools Used to Enforce Globalism

The call to criminalize something defined by ideological ambulance-chasing attorneys, such as ecocide, is not limited to a few extremists. It’s being used by power-hungry goose steppers at the UN to enforce their ideals and force conformity through its Department of Economic and Social Affairs, stating:

“Our key objective is to accelerate legal recognition of ecocide as an international crime as an essential protective and preventive deterrent to severe and either widespread or long-term harm to ecosystems (including water ecosystems). We do this by actively driving the global conversation around ecocide law and its potential; and by convening and mapping diplomatic collaboration and progress towards adoption of the law.”

The Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ stated core strategy is to develop an impactful and high-level collaborative effort to compile compelling communication on ecocide. This aligns with its overall strategy to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“We are well positioned to do this,” they continue, “as our activities straddle legal developments, diplomatic advocacy and public narrative.” It’s difficult, at best, to decipher such a “word salad” sentence, yet logic would dictate that, coming from the UN, this is all about forced acceptance of their position combined with punitive measures against those who disagree. Like an oil slick, “ecocide” mania is spreading around the planet.

Stop Ecocide International proudly declares, “We are working, together with a growing global network of lawyers, diplomats, and across all sectors of civil society, towards making ecocide an international crime.” The group also looks to criminalize offenses that are “comparable to ecocide.” This is incredibly dangerous as the terminology can be defined and interpreted by those in power.

Using “Ecocide” to Attack Personal Freedoms

Like virtually all extremist efforts, ecocide relies on the support of we the people who, willingly or not, are often compelled to sacrifice rights, liberties, and freedoms to conform with ever-changing, radical, scientifically questionable, and ideologically driven environmental restrictions.

This issue goes beyond farmers, ranchers, and others involved in work producing the food our families consume, the fuel that runs our economy, and the fiber that clothes us. It’s also about convincing people a word invented by radical environmentalists (ecocide) represents “truth, good and the right thing to do.”

According to Melissa Hart, “Climate activist Jojo Mehta speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos (Switzerland) said it plainly, because farmers are trying to make a living, they are producing collateral damage to nature, and we are just too dumb to know better. She basically wants to enlighten us so that we won’t commit ecocide anymore and if we don’t stop, then we will be thrown in jail…”

Awareness, Engagement, and Advocacy are Keys to Our Food Security

Environmental extremist groups are playing a dangerous game, one that threatens the integrity of food security, affordability, and access. By attacking how food is produced, these misguided efforts to “save the planet” place ever-larger numbers of people at risk from food insecurity.

Protect The Harvest wants you to be aware of radical environmentalist efforts. We are proud to be the watchdog standing between these groups and your consumer freedom of choice to purchase and/or grow food for your families. We encourage Americans who believe in A Free and Fed America to remain vigilant and take action when appropriate.

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