Friend of the Land – February 2024

We congratulate Shad Sullivan for being named our Protect The Harvest Friend of the Land for February 2024.

Shad Sullivan is an American Cattle Rancher and the R-CALF USA Private Property Rights Committee Chair. A fifth-generation native of southeast Colorado, Sullivan learned the ropes of the cowboy lifestyle early on.

Sullivan’s family had a stocker operation on Antelope Mesa in northwestern Crowley County, Colorado. There, he learned the importance of hard work, dedication, loyalty, and integrity. He said his greatest love is watching his cattle grow, which has become a passion for protecting his property rights.

After falling victim to and witnessing the tragic loss of family farms and ranches through bureaucratic, market, and industry corruption, he realized that liberty in production is at “steak,” and it all starts with private property rights. Notably, he has been an outspoken advocate for American ranchers on numerous news programs, podcasts, and radio shows. We applaud Sullivan for his dedication to America’s constitutional property rights and for working to keep our country free and fed. 

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