Friend of the Land – May 2024

In Memory and Honor: Patrick Gottsch Recognized as May 2024 Friend of the Land

It is with heavy hearts and profound sadness that we acknowledge Patrick Gottsch’s passing. Patrick’s unexpected passing on May 18, 2024, has left an irreplaceable void in the lives of those who knew him and the rural communities he passionately served. We wish to honor the remarkable life and enduring legacy of this man whose commitment to promoting and preserving the rural way of life has touched and inspired so many.

Patrick’s dedication transformed rural media, establishing RFD-TV and other channels as beacons for those who shared his love for rural America. His tenacity and relentless pursuit of his vision inspired everyone who had the privilege of knowing him, creating a ripple effect that will endure for generations.

Born and raised in Elkhorn, Nebraska, Patrick’s roots in agriculture and rural life were deeply ingrained from an early age. After attending Sam Houston State University, he ventured into the world of commodity trading in Chicago, only to return to Nebraska, where he founded E.T. Installations, the nation’s largest privately-owned home satellite retailer by 1987. His innovative spirit and commitment to rural life led him to launch Rural Free Delivery Television (RFD-TV) in 2000, a pioneering network dedicated to rural and agricultural programming.

Patrick’s vision didn’t stop there. He expanded Rural Media Group to include RFD-TV The Magazine, RFD HD, RURAL TV, RURAL RADIO on SiriusXM Channel 147, and The Cowboy Channel, which became the first 24-hour network dedicated to Western sports and lifestyle. Through these platforms, Patrick ensured that rural America’s stories, challenges, and triumphs were brought to a national audience, bridging the gap between city and country life.

His passion for rural and Western lifestyles was evident not only in his professional endeavors but also in his personal life. Patrick’s love for his family and dedication to his community were unwavering. He is survived by his wife Angie and his daughters Rose, Raquel, and Gatsby, who continue his legacy at Rural Media Group. His brother Mickey continues to run the family farm in Elkhorn, a testament to the agricultural roots Patrick cherished.

In commemorating Patrick Gottsch, we honor a true Friend of the Land, a creative force, and a guardian of our rural heritage. May his legacy continue to inspire and resonate, keeping alive the spirit of rural America that he so passionately embraced.

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