Friend of the Land – November 2023


We congratulate Craig Curry for being named our Protect The Harvest Friend of the Land for November 2023.

For the past decade, Craig Curry has dedicated his time and expertise as a consultant and volunteer, offering invaluable support to various organizations, including Protect The Harvest. His commitment revolves around safeguarding animal ownership and upholding welfare standards.

Craig’s extensive background in the corporate tech sector has equipped him with the skills to navigate the dynamic challenges associated with property rights and animal ownership in our current landscape.

Evident to all who collaborate with him is Craig’s profound passion for the cause of A Free and Fed AmericaTM. His unwavering dedication extends beyond the conventional 9-to-5 commitment, particularly in assisting those affected by extremist organizations. Protecting the rights of Americans is not merely a passion for Craig; it is ingrained in his way of life.

Thank you, Craig, for all you have done to protect our way of life!

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