HSUS and PETA – Influencing Children


The HSUS and PETA are busy influencing children. They are spreading their agenda from the ground floor. In 2015, we wrote an article about PETA2 and their methods for indoctrinating children. While it appears the HSUS doesn’t have creepy and horrific games designed to influence kids like PETA2 does, they do have a big machine set up for delivery via our school programs.

It starts with their Certified Humane Education Specialist program. The webpage states, “ The … program is designed to help classroom teachers, school administrators, youth outreach professionals, shelter directors, humane education specialists and humane law enforcement officers enhance their credentials and effectively use their limited time and resources to infuse humane education into current prosocial programs. The courses center on activities, readings and field-tested strategies for working with children, teens, school faculty and youth leaders.”

The HSUS provides a “plug and play” program that is extremely easy for educators to implement. They have a magazine, videos, classroom activities, worksheets and coloring books. Their classroom worksheets feature “information about animals and animal issues”. One worksheet makes students count shelter animals and place them in homes. Wait a second, didn’t Wayne Pacelle lie to Senator Inohof of Oklahoma, that they don’t mislead people about providing funding for shelters? Sorry, we got off track there…

They also have a program to get kids involved in “animal protection” and how to form clubs. Pacelle’s introduction states, “…millions of animals in other situations need a hand too. Life is tough on tigers and elephants in circuses. It is hard on cows, pigs, and chickens in big, factory-style farms.”, and “This booklet will guide you…You’ll also learn the basics of spreading the word in your community, raising funds for animals, and lobbying (asking lawmakers to give their support). By taking part in the Mission: Humane projects, you’ll be part of a nationwide group of kids working to help all animals—from hounds to hens—where they need it most.”

The HSUS and PETA are not going to give up. They are working on every avenue they can think of to push their agenda. If you do not want PETA or the HSUS influencing your kids, pay attention to what they are viewing online and what they are learning in the classroom.

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