Lamar Steiger Joins Protect The Harvest Advisory Committee

Effective August 1, 2023, U.S. beef industry supply chain expert and cattle rancher Lamar Steiger will join Protect The Harvest’s advisory committee. We welcome his wealth of experience in, and knowledge of, American beef from farm to fork.

Lamar grew up on the 12,000-acre JH Ranch in northeast Wyoming. His father was an early adopter of technology and innovation, implementing the use of artificial insemination (AI), use of continental cattle breeds and cattle performance testing as early as the 1950s.

In the 1970s, the Steiger family relocated to northwest Arkansas, where Lamar managed the family’s beef and dairy operations. Working with his wife Shari’s family, Lamar became general manager of Jac’s Ranch in 1983, the largest Angus seed-stock producer in Arkansas.

Currently, Lamar resides in Bentonville, Arkansas, where he served as Walmart’s beef supply chain consultant for a decade at the company’s global headquarters. In 2014, he helped lead a significant and innovative advancement to Walmart’s beef business by creating a true ranch-to-retail supply chain that ensures quality and consistency at an everyday low price.

Lamar continues to provide counsel to major retailers, agricultural technology firms and ranches across America, focusing management, profitability and ranch-to-retail beef supply chains. He serves as a board member of FoodCap International, a New Zealand protein packaging company, and Volur, an artificial intelligence company helping to increase margins in packing plants. Lamar also consults on supply chains for several international go-to-market food clients.

Lamar and Shari own the 808 Ranch, an Angus breeding and cooperator bull development grass ranch located on the Lower Elk River in the southwest corner of Missouri.

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