My Body My Choice


When certain groups of people advocate for “my body my choice” it is looked at as a human right. However, when the agriculture industry says the same thing about your choice to eat the foods you want, it is then considered controversial. When will we stand up and say that our food choices should be considered a human right?

We’ve seen marches, protests, and even illegal activities used as activism in our country for all types of movements and causes. Some of those are good, some not so good, but the point is that they made their voices heard. That is, unfortunately, one of the activities extremist movements have mastered. They have no issue with rallying the troops and getting them into the streets to hold signs and speak their voice to the public.

Why are we the people, the farmers, the ranchers, the hunters, the anglers, the pet breeders, the backbone of America, unable to rally together and show the public we need support?

Our lifestyles based on animal welfare and taking care of the land are often twisted up and vilified by those who see us as an enemy. Over and over, we are told that animal protein is a major contributor to climate change, but UC Davis Professor Dr. Frank Mitloehner has combated those falsities over and over again. The problem is that those on the opposing side aren’t interested in facts, but rather their agenda of ending animal agriculture.

As we know all too well, ballot initiatives and legislation are routinely proposed by special interest groups or politically ambitious elected officials who are unfriendly toward meat, poultry, egg, and dairy production. This causes even more price inflation for high-density proteins and makes it more difficult for consumers to feed their families nutritious, safe, affordable food.

Why is it that every day we see a story on the news about those wanting to end our way of life, but no one is speaking up for our choices?

When it comes to food, what we put in our bodies should be our choice. Generations of people have worked to make sure our food systems in America were safe and affordable. How we have gotten to this point of denying science and relying on emotions is enough to boggle any logical thinking person’s mind.

The time for us to stand up and have our voices heard is now. We as a community of landowners, animal owners, and outdoor enthusiasts need to show our country that we care for those animals and the land we use. As an organization, Protect The Harvest has been speaking up, but we need your support and help to continue!

To learn more about how to get involved in your communities please check out our educational resource HERE

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