New Jersey Poised to Help Fund Animal Rights Extremist Group

Do you want state funds to go to supporting animal rights extremist groups? If you don’t want that to happen we recommend taking a close look at Assembly Bill 2197 and Senate Bill 883. This slipped by under the Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee. The New Jersey Representatives that are sponsoring this funding of animal rights extremist groups are; SB 883 – Nicholas Sacco and Brian P Stack and AB 2197 – Timothy Eustace, Raj Mukherji and Daniel Benson. The racket is that animal rights extremist groups will receive funds when New Jersey state residents purchase license plates that read “Humane State” instead of “The Garden State”.

It Has Nothing To Do With Animal Welfare and Everything To Do With Raising Money:

What is most important to know is that this is not about animal welfare. It is about providing the HSUS with an additional way to raise money in order to push their animal rights agenda. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has a long track record of misleading good-hearted donors. The HSUS spends millions of dollars in advertising; begging people to send them money to save animals in shelters. Year after year, their IRS Form 990’s show that 1% or less of the funds raised actually makes it to shelters. Even when they do send money to a shelter it is generally a very small amount and typically only to support a low cost spay-neuter promotion (grants average $1,000). Where does rest of the money end up? Their IRS Form 990’s show tens of millions stashed in offshore bank accounts, publicly traded securities, retirement funds, salaries and advertising to raise more money.

Hearing Planned – Thursday, February 15th:

NJ Humane Society is the New Jersey arm of the Humane Society of the United States. That means ultimately the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) gets to decide where the money raised from New Jersey residents ends up. This plan to give New Jersey money to the HSUS to control has already passed the Transportation Committee and there is a hearing planned in the Appropriations Committee tomorrow after, January 15th. If you are a New Jersey resident and you do not want the HSUS to raise money from your state license plates and decide how it is distributed, action must be taken now to let your representatives know of your concerns.

New Jersey Senate Bill 883:

Here’s some of the verbiage from New Jersey Senate State Transportation Commission Statement, SB 883: “The chief administrator is to, in consultation with the State Director of the Humane Society of the United States – New Jersey (NJ Humane Society), select the design and color scheme of the Humane State license plates. In addition to all fees otherwise required by law for the registration of a motor vehicle, there is an application fee of $50 and an annual renewal fee of $10 for the Humane State license plates. After the deduction of the cost of designing, producing, issuing, renewing, and publicizing the plates and of any computer programming changes that are necessary to implement the license plate program, in an amount not to exceed $150,000, the additional fees will be deposited into a special non-lapsing fund known as the “Humane State License Plate Fund.” The proceeds of the fund are to be annually appropriated to the NJ Humane Society…” “The bill also requires that the State Director of the NJ Humane Society appoint a liaison to represent the NJ Humane Society in all communications with the commission regarding the Humane State license plates.”

Additional Information:

For additional information and steps to take to contact your representative, check out this article by USARK:

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