Why is the news media helping PETA push their agenda?

Why is the news media helping PETA push their agenda?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and their affiliated animal rights extremist groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), have mastered the art of smear campaigns and fake news. PETA especially, uses the tactic of throwing mud up against the wall to see what will stick. One of the ways they do this is by letter writing on a massive scale and submitting endless press releases. The most recent unfounded and ridiculous attack by PETA targeted a friend of Protect The Harvest, the Welde Family and their wonderful program at Bearadise Ranch.

Their latest ridiculous PETA Press Release

PETA submitted their latest ridiculous press release full of false claims about Bearadise Ranch to news outlets in Florida. Unfortunately, ABC 7 Sarasota, publicized PETA’s false claims. ABC 7 even went so far as to allow a PETA representative on the air to demand that the Welde family “do the right thing” by turning over their bears to them. When did PETA become an expert on the care and welfare of bears? ABC 7 allowed the PETA representative to do this without any proof that the Welde family in any way had mistreated their bears. We hope you took the opportunity to view our video so you can see how the bears live and the vehicles they are transported in when they travel to give educational presentations to the public. Then consider how horrible it is for the Welde family to have to endure these types of ideologic attacks by extremist groups on a public forum such as a newscast in their community.

A little more about Bearadise Ranch:

  • Bearadise Ranch is a working ranch and a learning facility where people can come to learn about bears and what they are facing in the wild today. The Weldes provide an educational outreach program at Bearadise Ranch for school groups, 4-H groups, FFA groups, church groups, senior assisted living centers, tour groups and more.
  • The Welde family has shared their lives with bears for over 90 years. They are experts in the welfare and handling of bears.
  • Bearadise Ranch bears spend 10 months out of the year at their home with the Weldes. At Bearadise Ranch the bears have a natural, outdoor, enriched habitat which is vital to both their mental and physical health. They are able to play and run and also to exercise in the natural lake on the ranch.
  • The bears also interact and train with the Weldes, thriving on daily attention and the human-animal relationship. Training with positive reinforcement adds to the bears’ daily enrichment.
  • The bears at Bearadise Ranch enjoy long, healthy, happy lives in loving human care. Training aids in the husbandry and care of the bears allowing for medical examinations to be performed more easily causing less stress. For example, teaching a bear to open its mouth helps their veterinarian assess their dental health.
  • The Welde family has been very active in conservation efforts and educating the public about bears. Two months of the year the bears travel the country with the Weldes to state and county agricultural fairs in their custom-made, USDA approved transport vehicles to serve as ambassadors for their species. Through their educational programs the bears help to inform the public about the challenges that threatened bear species face in the wild. By training their bears, the Weldes are able to offer great educational value to the public who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about these animals live and up close. Learning facts and watching the bears helps cultivate an understating and appreciation for all animals in the wild.
  • Bearadise Ranch is licensed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the USDA. They undergo frequent and unannounced inspections and have never had any USDA violations. The bears also receive routine veterinary examinations as a part of compliance with the USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act.

Why doesn’t the news media understand the consequences of their actions?

We know that many who work in the news media industry love animals. We also know that they are concerned about wildlife conservation and understand the importance of educating the public about animals. What we can’t understand is why these very same people are giving a voice to animal rights organizations’ false and totally unfounded claims that are based solely on the animal rights extremist ideology. Why can’t the news media comprehend that these groups have the goal and agenda to end all human-animal interactions as well as animal ownership? Don’t they know that these groups make no distinctions, and that pets are included in their ideology too? The news media needs to stop aiding these extremist groups in attacking the innocent. Its one thing to report the news based on facts and entirely something different to report false and unfounded accusations that severely impact innocent families.


You can see for yourself the care the bears at Bearadise Ranch receive by visiting their website at: http://bearadiseranch.com/ Bearadise Ranch Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bearadiseranch/

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