PETA is Targeting Your Children via the Character Education Curriculum in Schools

In the past, we have shared information about the activities of the Humane Society of the United States and their program to infiltrate our school systems.  We have also exposed PETA’s horrific online video games targeted at children.  There is another threat to children that parents may not be aware of.  Parents may be surprised to learn find out that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is targeting their children at school.  This is the same group that regularly uses gruesome shock and awe tactics to bully people to try and get people to stop eating meat and other animal products, breeding dogs, and owning livestock.

The Loophole

So how is a group as radical as PETA allowed to distribute their materials in our public schools?  They have found a loophole titled, “Character Education”.  Character Education is mandated by many states.  In those states where it is not mandated, it is often supported and encouraged.  The Department of Education describes Character Education as:

“…a learning process that enables students and adults in a school community to understand, care about and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, civic virtue and citizenship, and responsibility for self and others.”

Teaching children to be kind in school and to respect others is great, but what happens when an animal rights group catches wind of this and uses it to their own advantage?  “TeachKind” is what happens.

TeachKind Is Not What It Claims

TeachKind is a program that is being presented to teachers as empathy building.  Now this doesn’t seem like a bad idea until you actually look at the materials they are distributing.  Here are a few of the key items from the “Share The World” DVD that they created for TeachKind:

  • Each and every animal is a unique and special individual
  • Farmers take calves away from their mothers and they grieve just like a human mother would if her child was taken away
  • Pigs are friends, not food
  • Cats and dogs should all be living indoors with their owners
  • Do not buy pets from pet stores or breeders because every time you do a shelter pet has to die
  • Tell your parents to only buy “cruelty-free” products
  • Do not participate in animal dissections at school
  • Tell your parents you don’t want to go to zoos, aquariums, or circuses

PETA’s “Share The World” video includes a folder full of worksheets, coloring pages, and a teacher’s guide.  In the teacher’s guide it states that the program is designed for kindergarten through 5th grade.  The worksheets provided have questions like the following:

  • “There is a petting zoo at your friend’s birthday party, and animals are being touched and surrounded by lots of strangers. How does this situation fail to live up to the Golden Rule?”
  • A dog who’s let into a warm home on a cold night feels…
  • An orca who is forced to do tricks and swim in circles over and over again in a tank at a marine park feels…
  • A baby calf on a dairy farm who’s taken away from his mother feels…

Extremist Agendas Do Not Belong In Our Schools

PETA is an organization that has been investigated by the FBI’s Anti-Terror Unit and has been classified in the past as a terrorist threat by the USDA.  Why are we letting this group into our schools to teach our children? The animal rights extremist agenda has no place in our schools. If you want to make sure your school is not teaching the TeachKind program, contact your child’s teacher, principal, or superintendent.

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