Protect The Harvest Announces 2024 Pendleton Cattle Barons Scholarship Winner

We would like to congratulate Kinley McAnally for winning this year’s Pendleton Cattle Barons Protect The Harvest scholarship.

Kinley McAnally, born and raised in Pendleton, Oregon, is a shining example of dedication and passion for agriculture. Currently a student at Eastern Oregon University, she is majoring in Agriculture Entrepreneurship and minoring in Global Industry and Trade. Kinley’s love for agriculture blossomed at a young age, working in the hay fields and moving irrigation on her grandparents’ century-old farm. This early exposure taught her invaluable lessons about work ethic, patience, and resilience.

Kinley’s commitment to agriculture extends beyond her studies. She aims to pursue a career in the cattle industry after college, driven by a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment in helping feed the world. Her involvement with the Pendleton Cattle Barons as a longtime volunteer showcases her dedication. Kinley assists in sorting cows, setting up the sale arena, timing and writing scores during ranch bronc riding, and helping wherever needed. One of her favorite aspects of the Pendleton Cattle Barons weekend is watching the previews of horses, admiring their strong cow sense and athleticism.

In addition to her academic and volunteer work, Kinley is serving as a 2024 Pendleton Round-Up Princess and is part of the Pendleton FFA Alumni. She also works at Intermountain Livestock Exchange, further solidifying her hands-on experience in the industry.

Kinley McAnally’s passion, dedication, and hard work make her a deserving recipient of the Pendleton Cattle Barons Protect The Harvest scholarship. We look forward to seeing her continued contributions to the agricultural community.

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