Protect The Harvest – Update September 2020


Protect The Harvest – Update

September, 2020

This year has brought all of us many challenges and changes. At Protect The Harvest, one of our challenges was an opportunity to refocus on our mission by reevaluating our current commitments and projects. We also had some changes with organizations that were associated with us, most namely the Protect The Harvest Political Action Committee (PAC). They have decided to close the organization and push more of the focus on our 501c3. Closing the PAC will mean that they will no longer have direct political involvement in Washington, D.C. The Protect The Harvest Action Fund, a 501c4 organization, is still running and will be doing intermittent work as needed. Additionally, our team has changed somewhat to reflect our direction and focus. At this time, we are concentrating all of our efforts towards our 501c3 with the mission and goal of informing and educating the public.

As always, we will continue to closely monitor issues on the local, state, and federal level. Being a multifaceted organization gives us the ability to take on a wide range of concerns.
Our presence, for some time, was most visible within the equine industry, while still focused on monitoring and engaging with all livestock and ag. As part of the changes we have outlined, we will be working to reach a larger audience. Therefore, we have shifted the resources from some of our sponsorships and in person events to focusing on advocacy and educational initiatives. These changes will not alter our dedication to preserving our American traditions and way of life.

We will continue to support select agricultural, equine, and companion animal events.

We will never give up our fight to protect and support farming, ranching, animal ownership, and outdoorsmen.

The activities of extremist groups that we bring to light impact us all, whether they are specific to one industry or not. The first step in protecting our way of life and traditions is to keep abreast of what is happening so that we can pull together and do something about it. We are that first step.

As always, our mission and goals remain the same: Inform, Protect, Respond.

• INFORM and EDUCATE Americans about the activities of animal rights groups, anti-agriculture groups and other non-governmental organizations that threaten agriculture, animal welfare, our traditions, and way of life.
• PROTECT our freedoms and way of life by supporting agriculture, land use, hunting and fishing, animal ownership, and animal welfare.
• RESPOND to laws, regulations, or misinformation that would negatively impact animal welfare, animal ownership, restrict our rights, and limit our freedoms.

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