Sonoma County Farm Bureau Stands United Against the Proposed Anti-Farm Ballot Initiative or the Prohibiting Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

The Sonoma County Farm Bureau strongly opposes the proposed ballot measure submitted by Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights terrorist organization, located in Berkley, CA, which threatens to ban dairy, poultry, and egg production in Sonoma County. This measure, if passed, will have catastrophic impacts on our local economy, consumer access to locally sourced foods, and sets a dangerous precedent for other animal agriculture producers throughout Sonoma County.

Sonoma County’s family-owned farms have been at the forefront of producing fresh, sustainable dairy and poultry products. “This measure would not only undermine the legacy of generations of family farmers but also devastate our local economy, leading to job losses and the closure of our local employers” such as, Clover Sonoma, Straus Family Creamery and Petaluma Poultry. This means the death of Clo the Cow and Rosie and Rocky the Free-Range Chickens. The measure would put hundreds of family farmers out of business, said Dayna Ghirardelli, Executive Director of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau.

Doug Beretta, President of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau and a fourth-generation dairyman and family farmer, added, “Our farms are a testament to the dedication of Sonoma County’s families who work the land to provide food for our community. This initiative misguidedly targets the very backbone of our local food system, under the guise of environmental and animal welfare concerns.”

The proposed measure threatens to erase the livelihoods of numerous family farmers, resulting in significant job losses and economic instability within the county.

By drastically reducing the availability of locally sourced, ethically raised animal products, this initiative would force consumers to rely on out-of-county sources, increasing costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
The backing of this measure by groups with radical agendas, including the eventual outlawing of all animal farming and even pet ownership, poses a significant threat to traditional farming practices and our way of life. Sonoma County farms are committed to high standards of animal welfare, with many adhering to organic practices and Sonoma’s 3. The proposed restrictions are unnecessary and disregard the established welfare measures in place. And further could change Sonoma County ‘s landscape forever.

The Sonoma County Farm Bureau calls on the community to stand with us in opposing this dangerous and misguided ballot initiative. We must protect our family farmers, our heritage, our economy, and our right to access locally sourced, sustainable food products. Together, we can ensure the future of farming in Sonoma County for generations to come.

The Sonoma County Farm Bureau is dedicated to promoting and protecting the agricultural industry of Sonoma County. It supports the rights of farmers and ranchers to manage their lands in a sustainable and productive manner. Through advocacy, education, and direct support, the Bureau works to ensure that agriculture remains a vital part of our local economy and community

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