Spay Feasibility Study And 10-Year Management Plan – Comment Period Open


The Bureau of Land Management – Burns District, in conjunction with Colorado State University and the United States Geological Survey are proposing a research project regarding the feasibility of the spay procedure (standing surgical spay – ovariectomy via culpotomy) with horses from the Warm Springs HMA in Oregon. This is the same spay procedure that was performed on the fillies in our Wild Spayed Filly Futurity program.

The study will evaluate the following:

  • Safety
  • Complication rate
  • Feasibility on wild mares
  • Impacts to the mare
  • Impacts on band behavior

In conjunction with the study, the Burns District – BLM proposes a 10-year population management plan for the Warm Springs HMA. The population management plan is being proposed to achieve and maintain a thriving natural ecological balance and manage the wild horse and burro populations within appropriate management levels over a 10-year lifetime.

This plan includes:

  • The spay study
  • Gather to reach low AML at the completion of the spay study
  • Additional gathers to remove excess wild horses and burros
  • Population growth treatments for mares released back into the Warm Springs HMA

Please Support – Comment Period

The BLM has sent out a notice asking for comments. This is an excellent opportunity for those that support the spay procedure as a viable form of population control to help manage the herds on American rangelands. Without a doubt, extremist groups are going to rally their troops in opposition of the study and the 10-year management plan. These groups have a long track record of stopping the BLM from being able to make practical and logical steps to properly manage the horse populations and rangelands. American rangelands are multi-use. Lack of proper management of the wild horse population impacts the entire ecosystem, including native wildlife species.

The deadline is July 30th.

Please take the time to let your voice be heard. America’s horses, wildlife and ecosystem need our support.


Emails can be sent to:


Letters can be sent to: Bureau of Land Management – Burns District Office, 28910 Highway 20 West, Hines, Oregon 97738


Link to information about the Warm Springs HMA:


Specific information about notifications, privacy, anonymous responses and other details can be found in the BLM notification. Link: Warm Springs Study_ Interested Party Letter_Signed

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