The Dog Lover: The Wrong Side of Right to be Featured in Beverly Hills Film Festival

Protect The Harvest partner ESX Entertainment has announced that its film The Dog Lover: The Wrong Side of Right will be featured in the prestigious Beverly Hills Film Festival, April 6-10 in Beverly Hills, California.

In its 16th year of existence, the international film festival markets itself as one of the most exclusive film festivals in the world, in one of the most exclusive cities in the world. Over 20,000 individuals will attend the festivities, which include five full days of screenings.

The Beverly Hills Film Festival brings together film professionals from all over the world to appreciate the art of filmmaking and the creative spirits who make these films.

The Dog Lover’s appearance at this festival will precede its release in select theaters and video-on-demand on July 8th, which is followed by its release on DVD on July 12th.

The Dog Lover: The Wrong Side of Right is the story of an animal rights activist who goes undercover at a large-scale dog-breeding operation in order to expose it for potential corruption, but finds something else entirely. It stars James Remar, Lea Thompson, Allison Paige, and Jayson Blair, and is directed by Alex Ranarivelo.

The film will be showing at TCL Chinese Theatre on Friday, April 8 at 7:30pm.

For more information on The Dog Lover: The Wrong Side of Right, visit its website.

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