United Property Owners of Montana Needs Your Help

Legal Battle Against Radical Rewilding Group American Prairie

We have written about the environmental extremist group American Prairie (formerly known as American Prairie Reserve) and its nefarious attempts to purchase BLM grazing allotments. These are then “rewilded” with apex predators causing livestock loss to ranchers.

American Prairie has very deep pockets.

United Property Owners of Montana (UPOM) NEEDS your help.

Message from United Property Owners of Montana

“For years we’ve watched American Prairie Reserve acquire ranch after ranch in Montana and take them out of agricultural production.

But there’s one critical factor that could derail APR’s entire plan. Throughout their target area are BLM grazing allotments currently reserved for livestock.

APR wants to “retire” & “rewild” these allotments, and they’ve asked BLM to change their policy to allow them to do so.

In July 2022 BLM approved that request.

Now we’re headed to court to stop this dangerous new precedent from going into effect. Blocking their attempt to change BLM policy creates an enormous hurdle to APR’s scheme.

By contributing to UPOM’s Legal Action Fund, you will be supporting the appeal being jointly filed by the Phillips County Livestock Association, the Montana Stockgrowers Association, and United Property Owners of Montana.

We’ve been preparing for this lawsuit for years, but now is the critical time. We need resources to sustain this effort.

If we want these communities to survive, if we want these generational ranching families to continue working the land, and if we want our Montana agricultural economy to remain strong, we must Stop APR.”

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