You Can Make a Difference – New Resource Providing Steps You Can Take

Did you know you can make a difference?

Do you know how to find out what is happening in your community, county and state?

Do you know what to do if you find out about a bad bill, ordinance or regulation?

Click HERE to visit our latest “Get Involved” Initiative titled, “Protecting Our Lifestyle and Livelihood”.

The materials in our “Protecting Our Lifestyle and Livelihood” initiative provide you with information and steps to be proactive (Part 1) and steps you can take if you find you need to take action (Part 2). We also have a worksheet you can use to develop important community contacts.

Other Valuable Resources Provided by Protect The Harvest

In addition to our new initiative “Protecting Our Lifestyle and Livelihood” we have other educational resources available which can be found under our “Get Involved” tab.

Learn about how to be the most effective on Social Media – check out our Social Media Volunteer Guidebook HERE

Sign up for our Newsletter, Action Alerts and Animal Extremist Activity Alerts from INA HERE

We have Interactive Courses (and are continuing to build our library) that you can share on social media or use in a classroom. To view the courses click HERE

We have a Government By The People Series which is designed for children for in classroom use as well as at home. To view the courses and download the materials click HERE

View our Educational Resources page for Parents and Teachers. This page lists outside resources and websites we recommend for classrooms and homeschooling. To view this page of resources click HERE

We have a library of brochures and handouts and are adding to it all the time. This library is available to supporters to download and print. Click HERE

Educational Posters about Animal Products – Click HERE. These postsers are a great resource for 4H, FFA and Agricultural Teachers to use to teach others about all of the wonderful products animals in agriculture provide us.

Over the last number of years we have been working with Forrest Films and ESX Entertainment on several movie projects that tell inspiring and purpose driven stories about America. We encourage viewing these movies and sharing them with others. This page has links to the movie trailers and information about where you can obtain them. Click HERE

Groups We Recommend Following and for other Resources Click HERE


If you are interested in volunteering to help us get the word out, you can sign up by clicking HERE

Donate – Click HERE

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