American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Fund Report

Based on the Center for the Environment and Welfare 2021 tax report analysis

Follow the money

Spending millions of dollars on TV ads with images of downtrodden pets, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has waged a relentless campaign to convince people to write checks or charge credit cards, presumably to help animals in need. “Profits Over Pet Shelters: How the ASPCA and HSUS Shortchange Local Pet Shelters” is a recent report by the Center for the Environment and Welfare that sheds light on ASPCA’s true intent.

This explosive Center for the Environment and Welfare report contains an in-depth 2021 financial analysis of ASPCA. As the report points out, the majority of funds received by ASPCA are not spent on helping animals in need. In 2021, ASPCA collected $390 million in revenue, yet allocated only $302 million of its budget, according to the report.

The report itemized ASPCA’s $302 million-dollar budget into five primary categories. These categories and corresponding amounts spent include:

• $990,525 for CEO compensation;
• $5.5 million for executive compensation;
• $4.98 million to a pension plan;
• $135 million for fundraising and advertising;
• $5.3 million for company related travel.

In addition to these five categories, the report reveals ASPCA has $11 million “stashed” in offshore accounts.

Helping Animals is a Secondary ASPCA Priority

As highlighted in the report, a mere 2 percent of ASPCA’s entire budget was allocated to pet shelters. This equals roughly $5.5 million dollars, with ASPCA support provided to shelters through financial grants.

Pet shelters in only 29 states received financial aid from the ASPCA, stranding 21 without any funding in sight. The Center for the Environment and Welfare report shared that politically liberal New York and liberal-leaning Colorado received the largest amounts of ASPCA funding, $1,470,838 and $1,105.000, respectively.

Through its substantial advertising budget, ASPCA has misled Americans. The report shared two very startling polling numbers. The poll showed just how effective ASPCA’s deceptive advertising has become. According to the report, 81 percent of people believe “The ASPCA is an umbrella group that represents thousands of SPCAs across America.” Additionally, the report showed that 73 percent of people think “My local SPCA or pet shelter is affiliated with the ASPCA.”

“SPCA” stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It is important to note ASPCA is not affiliated with SPCA. ASPCA’s name promotes confusion that leads people to assume it’s an organization providing funds to animal shelters across America.

Ultimately, ASPCA and similar organizations want the public to believe they are helping animals when, in reality, reports like the one compiled by the Center for the Environment and Welfare clearly show a top priority for these organizations is to line the pockets of their executives.

It is important for people to research organizations they consider supporting because what is publicly visible is not always the reality. Sadly, ASPCA’s name, and what it stands for, are more oxymoronic and less noble.

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