Oregon Proposition 13 Morphs Into Initiative Petition 3, Gains Momentum Heading Toward 2024 Vote

By Jaclyn Krymowski for Protect The Harvest

Oregon animal rights extremists are working overtime collecting signatures this summer, and beyond, to ensure Initiative Petition 3 (IP 3) is on the ballot in November 2024. IP 3 is a new version of Oregon Proposition 13 (IP 13), which failed to secure the 112,020 signatures required to be placed on the November 2022 ballot. Disguised as so-called humane treatment for animals, both initiatives reflect extremist desires to ban, or severely curtail, hunting, fishing, animal agriculture, pet ownership, and overall human interaction with animals.

In June 2023, the Oregon Hunters Association (OHA) reported the extremists behind “Yes on IP 3” received certification for ballot language, meaning they can begin their quest to collect the required 112,020 signatures by July 8, 2024, which would qualify the initiative for inclusion on the November 2024 ballot.

Extremists began plotting the rebrand of IP 13 after they abandoned their signature gathering effort in the spring of 2022 when opponents exposed the proposition for its true intent. This time around, IP 3 is known as the “Abuse, Neglect, and Assault Exemption Modification and Improvement Act.” It contains the same restrictive changes found in IP 13, only relabeled and using altered language.

The goal of this proposition is to make it illegal to use animals for food, fiber, or simply as companions. Proven farm and ranch animal husbandry and care practices such as artificial insemination, standard training methods, and established humane animal treatment would be illegal. This would essentially make farmers, ranchers, and pet owners criminals, resulting in fines and/or imprisonment.

IP 3 will be detrimental to Oregon families, hunters, anglers, farmers, ranchers, breeders and animals.

A deeper look into IP 3’s darkness

Animal rights extremists made only minor changes to IP 3 as compared with the failed IP 13. Even with the minor changes in verbiage, the main objective remains the same and indisputable: controlled and severely curtailed interaction between people and animals.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) warns of IP 3 dangers using animal rights supporters’ own words: “IP 3…is ‘the first ballot initiative in history that would criminalize the killing and breeding of animals. We want to protect an animal’s universal right to life, and we believe that the ballot initiative process is an effective, nonviolent, and democratic strategy for social change.’”

It is believed an anonymous donor made a large financial contribution to proponents of the initiative. The group pushing IP 3 has indicated it will be using additional accumulated funds to spearhead the signature gathering effort throughout Oregon. According to the official “Yes on IP 3” website, the campaign has been hiring full and part time paid petitioners to gather signatures since February 2023, paying $19.38 per hour.

Oregon citizens need to know about the motives of petitioners who will be circulating in significant numbers as they attempt to collect the requisite number of signatures (112,020) before July 2024.

If IP 3 is placed on the November 2024 ballot, and is passed into law, rights and liberties for anyone owning an animal, using an animal, hunting or fishing, could be altered indefinitely. Non-compliance could result in criminal prosecution of pet owners, farmers, ranchers and others who have animals. The language in the ballot also includes service and companion animals.

KPTV News 12 (FOX) in Portland, Oregon, covered the Oregon Farm Bureau’s push against the proposition. The Farm Bureau highlighted the other impacts IP 3 could have noting: “Oregon’s Department of Justice issued its analysis of IP 3. It says the measure would remove most of the exceptions allowed under current Oregon law for hunting, fishing, pet breeding and animal harvest for food.”

The potential impact to Oregon: Why defeating IP 3 is important

Many groups are coalescing in an effort to educate Oregonians on how the proposal would negatively impact them. Regional and national groups standing united against this initiative include: Oregon Hunters Association, American Kennel Club, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (Oregon chapter), the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Safari Club International, Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, Oregon Dairy Farmers and Protect The Harvest.

Oregon voters must remain vigilant and active throughout the next year to ensure animal rights extremists do not succeed in eliminating the rights and liberties of those who ethically and responsibly interact with animals.

How to stand up and “fight” for A Free and Fed America

Oregon voters must be made aware of what a “yes” vote on IP 3 TRULY means and how it has the potential to adversely impact so many people. The time has come for Oregonians and those outside Oregon who believe in property rights and liberty, while opposing control-minded animal rights extremists, to have their voices heard.

IP 3 reaches far beyond livestock, animal agriculture, and hunting. Sharing awareness on social media, being involved in organizations and activities that promote food security and proper animal welfare, and educating friends and family about the threats those who support IP 3 pose, are all steps Oregonians and others can take to ensure this petition, like the one before it, fails to reach the November 2024 ballot in Oregon.

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