“Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility”: Anonymous Activists or Hidden Extremists?

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) is the self-anointed voice for public employees who become “anonymous activists.” This organization has been stealthily operating unknown to American taxpayers for 30 years. Their goal is to provide a safe haven for “whistleblowers” and ideological activists who namelessly target businesses and policies that don’t suit their agenda. The question is, if these people are truly passionate about their causes, why are they so determined to remain anonymous? Could it be they have less desire to do what’s best for the environment and more desire to consolidate government control of your life?

They describe themselves as a “service organization” specializing in whistleblower protections. The group works with known extremist organizations we have mentioned in previous communications with the goal to further their ideological agenda. Most of their “anonymous activists” are current or former public employees of local, state, or federal government. These insiders influence policies and push radical ideals in a way that citizens, taxpayers and voters such as you cannot.

The Dangers of PEER

The hidden danger of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility lies in the fact that they have been wreaking havoc for nearly 30 years and most Americans are unaware they exist. This unelected cabal is achieving its goals by concealing people within government agencies who promote radical ideas behind the scenes. Their work within the government, and ability to leverage outside assistance makes it difficult, but not impossible, to detect, expose and halt their activities.

PEER Staff and Board

A review of the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility’s staff and board is alarming. Their board members and staff are openly affiliated with radical groups known to push extremist beliefs regarding environmentalism and land use. Don’t take our word for it; PEER boasts about its ideology and goals on its website, which confirms their true intentions.

Tim Whitehouse – Executive Director & Board Member
Tim Whitehouse has been involved with a multitude of extremist organizations over the past two decades. The most notable was his time spent at as a Director with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PRCM). In our prior publication about PRCM we point out it was founded by a radical animal extremist and more than 80% of its members are not physicians. PRCM uses questionable tactics to manipulate its followers through the misrepresentation of data and information. This effectively leads people down a path filled with misinformed views that only assists with the organization’s fundraising efforts. .

Kyla Bennett – Director of Science Policy
PEER’s Director of Science Policy has been involved with the group since the mid 1990’s. Of concern is the fact that she attended the Lewis and Clark School of Law in Portland, Oregon, a school known as a hub that teaches radical animal and environmentalism ideology to law students.

Helen Pent Jenkins – Director of Development and Communications
Helen Pent Jenkins has an impressive resume in the extremist world. Before PEER she worked with The Nature Conservancy and the Seattle Audubon Society. We have thoroughly researched the activities and agenda of the Nature Conservancy; behind the public face is an organization with an agenda that does not support Constitutional property rights or food security in America.

Peter Jenkins – Senior Counsel
Like many of his colleagues, Peter Jenkins is an overt animal extremist affiliated with multiple groups known for their radical beliefs. These groups include: The Center for Food Safety, Conservation International, Defenders of Wildlife, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Jenkins held a position of power within some of these organizations.

Colleen Teubner – Litigation and Policy Attorney
Colleen Tuebner has a long history of government work. Tuebner has clerked and interned for the United States Department of Justice and the Office of the New York State Attorney General. Her views are made clear on her resume, which shows her involvement in the Natural Resources Defense Council and Defenders of Wildlife, two radical organizations known for their animal and environmental extremism.

Elizabeth Duan – Communications and Office Associate
Elizabeth Duan received her bachelors of political science and gender, sexuality, and women’s studies. Now she works for PEER on issues regarding climate change, natural resources, and concealing the faces of “activists.” Before joining the organization, she coordinated nonprofit events for Women’s Learning Partnership, taught gender studies at Emerson Preparatory School, New Virginia Majority, Education Reform Now, and Democrats for Education Reform.

Hudson Kingston – Litigation Attorney
In Hudson Kingston’s bio on the PEER website it mentions that he “helps public employees hold governments to account for environmental harm in the Midwest and across the country.” To put it simply, his law career is based on supporting environmental extremists in their pursuit to push their toxic narrative. It is easy to see how he fits in with Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. In his pursuit to help these extremists, he has worked on policy related to climate change and pesticide regulation, both of which directly impact agriculture.

Monica I. Mercola – Staff Counsel
While there is not much found on Monica Mercola, she formerly worked for Earth Justice, a radical climate extremist group.

Chandra Rosenthal – Rocky Mountain PEER Director
Like her coworker, Kyla Bennett, Chandra Rosenthal is a graduate of the Lewis and Clark School of Law with a focus on environmental law. Rosenthal states that she views her job as “helping the region’s public service professionals do their jobs of protecting the diverse and abundant natural resources of the Rockies.” She is the former staff attorney of Defenders of Wildlife.

Jeff Ruch – Director of Pacific PEER
Jeff Ruch was the executive director of PEER from 1997 to 2019, and now according to their website, holds the title of director of Pacific PEER. Ruch has worked similar jobs with the Government Accountability Project which has goals similar to PEER.

Susan Sargent – Communications Consultant
Susan Sargent is involved in, and has been previously involved with, the following organizations: the National Ocean Service, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and the International Foundation for Election Systems. All of which have questionable ties to radical organizations.

Barry Sulkin – Technical Consultant
Barry Sulkin may be one of the biggest PEER threats. He is the former Chief of Enforcement and Compliance for the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation; a job that he abruptly left. “In my experience as a state employee, at times factors other than science dictated what was supposed to be purely an environmental decision,” said Sulkin about his job. He also stated, “PEER’s ‘anonymous activism’ offers a way for good employees to stay within the system by giving them a completely safe channel to communicate with their real employer – the public.”

Clair Turner – Donor Outreach Associate
Before joining PEER, Clair Turner was the development coordinator at The Nature Conservatory.

Richard G. Steiner – Board of Directors Chair
Richard Steiner started as a specialist at the University of Alaska with a federal grant. He lost the grant after criticizing prominent figures and companies in the oil industry. He then joined the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility as their chair.

Louis Clark – Board of Directors Vice Chair
Louis Clark may just be the king of the “anonymous activists.” In 1978 he founded the Government Accountability Project which protects activists within the system, specifically environmental extremists who try to force their beliefs onto the federal government.

Darrell Carrington – Board of Directors Development Chair
Darrell Carrington is currently a lobbyist; he has represented environmental extremist groups, individuals and companies in the cannabis industry and civil rights groups.

Alexandra Bueno – Board of Directors
Alexandra Bueno has been involved with numerous nonprofits with radical backings including: the Pace Land Use Center for Sustainable Development, the Blue Frontier Campaign, and the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic.

Edward Patrovsky – Board of Directors
While many of his cohorts are concerned with pushing their ideology regarding land and animals, Edward Patrovsky focuses his attention on field workers, whom he claims are not protected from “threats” and “intimidation.” To note, who is making these threats to field workers is not clear. Patrovsky is a charter member of Rangers for Responsible Recreation which is a side mission of PEER that threatens the use of vehicles on public lands.

Adrian Treves – Board of Directors
Treves is a known disrupter in environmental circles for his involvement in protesting wolf management. His so-called “activism” has not stopped since then and he continues to be outspoken within these circles.

What You Can Do

If you are supporting a nonprofit or other organization you must do your homework and research their motives and members. Behind their positive message and misleading organizational name, there may be a purpose not in the best interest of the nation or Americans. Much like the case of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, who only seek change from behind a mask.
Protect The Harvest is dedicated to informing the public about organizations like Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility and the threats they pose. Staying informed is the best tool that you can use to protect your rights and ensure a free and fed America endures.

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