Right To Farm Upheld In California Livestock Guardian Dog Case

Citing Plumas County, California’s Right To Farm Ordinance, on November 22 the Honorable Judge Douglas M. Prouty ruled in favor of the owners of Sheriff, a Great Pyrenees guardian dog. Sheriff’s main job is to keep bears out of his owners’ apple orchard, and barking is a natural part of that. Nevertheless, a new area resident filed a noise complaint with county officials.
The county’s Right To Farm ordinance states: “In addition to the protection afforded by California Civil Code Section 3482.5, no agricultural or timber operation shall be or become a nuisance, public or private, under the laws of Plumas County, including this Code, when the operations are managed or conducted in a manner consistent with accepted customs and standards established in Plumas County, or with the best management practices established by the industry.”

Guardian Dogs Essential for Livestock and Crops In Some Areas
The apple orchard in question is home to 214 trees, making it irresistible to bears and making a guardian dog essential to protect the crop and therefore the investment. The Great Pyrenees breed is most commonly known as a livestock guardian dog, but is equally useful for protecting crops.
Read more about Sheriff’s case HERE and HERE

Protect The Harvest strongly supports Right To Farm laws. This case serves as a great reminder for everyone involved in any aspect of agriculture to know and understand local laws and your rights.

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