Forrest and Charlotte Lucas Inducted into Missouri Agriculture Hall of Fame 

Governor Mike Parson presided over April 9 ceremony honoring inaugural class of seven recipients  Forrest and Charlotte Lucas were inducted into the recently created Missouri Agriculture Hall of Fame at an April 9 ceremony in Jefferson City. Missouri Governor Mike Parson presided over the event, with 425 industry leaders present for the induction. The Lucas’s […]

Friend of the Land — March 2024

We are delighted to congratulate Robert Schickel for being named our Protect The Harvest Friend of the Land for March 2024. Robert Schickel embodies the spirit of agricultural stewardship and community leadership. As the owner and founder of Hay Day Inc., based in Southern Indiana, his journey began humbly as a hay and straw broker and has since flourished […]

Urgency Mounts as Congress Delays New Farm Bill; Ag Community Calls for Action

By Jaclyn De Candio for Protect The Harvest Why the Farm Bill Matters Every five years America’s Farm Bill is up for renewal. It’s complex and covers many items important to farming, ranching, food production, and nutrition across the United States.  Here are the Farm Bill’s five spending categories: While an extension to the 2018-2023 […]

Pro-Animal Future

Created by the U.S.-based animal rights organization Pax Fauna, Pro-Animal Future (PAF) is a “collective of voters, volunteers, and small donors building a political movement to end factory farming.” PAF is a 501(c)(4) political organization. This vegan lifestyle and animal rights extremist organization is focused on ending what it deems “animal cruelty” within large-scale agriculture. […]

California Forever: Tech-Funded Developers Want to Build a New City on California Farmland

In recent years, certain popular TV series have portrayed conflicts between multi-generational agriculture operations and a variety of nefarious “big money” enterprises seeking to acquire and develop farms and ranches into airports, casinos, resorts, and subdivisions. In Solano County, California, a situation is unfolding that puts even the most realistic Hollywood storytelling to shame, one […]

“Ecocide” Legislation is Radical Environmentalism

By Jaclyn De Candio for Protect The Harvest A poorly kept secret is that environmental extremist groups and like-minded NGOs work diligently in America to undermine personal liberties and essential industries, including agriculture. Such has been the case for half a century or longer. As they routinely do, radical environmentalists recently added a new term […]

Friend of the Land – February 2024

We congratulate Shad Sullivan for being named our Protect The Harvest Friend of the Land for February 2024. Shad Sullivan is an American Cattle Rancher and the R-CALF USA Private Property Rights Committee Chair. A fifth-generation native of southeast Colorado, Sullivan learned the ropes of the cowboy lifestyle early on. Sullivan’s family had a stocker […]

Press Release from Indiana AG Rokita:  Lawsuit Filed Over Biden’s Weaponization of SEC

Biden Administration Attempting to Further Environmental Extremist Agenda via the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) With a lawsuit filed today, Attorney General Todd Rokita is fighting back against the Biden administration’s efforts to weaponize the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through a rule that would place onerous requirements on U.S. companies in service to a […]

Proposition 12: The Persecution of Farmers to Promote a Vegan Agenda

By Beverly Schwenning for Protect The Harvest In the Riverside County farming community of San Jacinto, California, operations on family owned Demler Farms are returning to normal after Proposition 12 upended its egg production during the past few years. The Demler Family has been in the egg business for 70 years, yet the Humane Society […]

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Stands United Against the Proposed Anti-Farm Ballot Initiative or the Prohibiting Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

The Sonoma County Farm Bureau strongly opposes the proposed ballot measure submitted by Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights terrorist organization, located in Berkley, CA, which threatens to ban dairy, poultry, and egg production in Sonoma County. This measure, if passed, will have catastrophic impacts on our local economy, consumer access to locally sourced foods, […]