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When Government and Extremists Take Away Your Freedoms

In today's fast-paced and complex world, consumers are faced with numerous challenges when it comes to their food choices.

  • Experience conflicting messages about what is healthy and what is not.

  • Witness the continuous rise in food prices.

  • Feel disconnected from your food sources, unaware of where it comes from or the ingredients it contains.

  • Inflated food prices are causing financial hardships.

We genuinely care about the well-being and understanding of Americans, and we are committed to ensuring that you are well informed and educated.

We are dedicated to addressing any laws, regulations, or misinformation that may arise regarding farming, animal welfare, and ownership, as we believe in land management and conservation and responsible, ethical treatment of animals.

Your Ally For Informed Food Choices

  • Founded in 2011 by Forrest Lucas in response to a ballot initiative that threatened livestock owners.

  • Collaborated with numerous organizations aligned with our cause.

  • Nationwide reach with connections at all levels and across various industries.

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Make informed decisions for your family’s well-being.

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Balance affordability without compromising on quality.

Reduced Confusion

As you gain an understanding of the food industry, you can understand and value the source of your food.

Active Advocacy

You can actively participate in advocacy efforts, contributing to sustainable and humane food practices.

Greater Peace of Mind

With the assurance of making the right choices for your family, you can sleep better at night, free of worries about food quality, safety, or affordability.

Without Knowledge, Our Choices Diminish

Lack of information leads to reduced choices, higher prices, and potential health risks. It could even mean a future where our children may not be able to enjoy real meat and produce.