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Hunting, fishing, and farming are under attack and your food choices are being taken away in exchange for “fake meat” and “lab meat”. We’ll fight to protect your right to have affordable abundant natural foods.

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The special interests are a well funded machine who spread misinformation at every opportunity. Help us push back with content and education.

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Wealthy misinformed extremists are constantly in the ear of politicians at every level. We must work to educate those who believe in the dream of a free America.

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Defending America’s Heritage: The Balance of Choice and Sustainability

Across the heartlands of America, farming isn’t just an occupation—it’s our heritage, our way of life, and the backbone of our national economy. Yet, the rising wave of extreme viewpoints threatens to overshadow the voices of reason and balance. The fight is not just about defending our farmers but ensuring a future where every American can confidently choose what's on their plate, knowing that it is both sustainably sourced and culturally significant. Let's champion the American way, where conservation meets tradition, and everyone's choice is respected.