Call to Action for Bronx Zoo Supporters

New York State Residents – If you support animal welfare and animals in human care, you are needed at the courthouse in Albany on May 18th.

On May 18th the New York Court of Appeals will hear arguments by the animal extremist organization, Nonhuman Rights Project, that the Bronx Zoo and Wildlife Conservation Society have “unlawfully deprived Happy of her freedom. They are petitioning to give Happy the Elephant the status of a human being by declaring the elephant a prisoner.

If Happy is awarded habeas corpus, this will open a Pandora’s Box and could put all animals in human care in danger of being attacked by animal extremists who view animal ownership as slavery and abuse.

We need to show a strong presence as the animal extremist group NhRP will be holding a pre-hearing rally at noon outside the New York Court of Appeals in Albany, NY in favor of awarding Happy the Elephant habeas corpus.

At 2pm ET, the public can enter the courthouse to watch the highest court in New York consider the legal issue of granting Happy nonhuman animal rights for the first time.

Protect The Harvest has been following and reporting on the legislation that attempts to give Happy the right to habeus corpus, in effect, making her status that of legal personhood. So far, the New York Courts have ruled that Happy, being an elephant, is private property and therefore not entitled to habeus corpus.

You can attend virtually as well on the animal extremist site beginning at 1pm ET

Protect The Harvest will be following this important ruling and will continue to keep our followers informed.

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