Why is the Los Angeles City Council Promoting Animal Extremist Ideology?

Do the almost 4 million residents of the City of Los Angeles know their city is being controlled by animal rights extremists? Are the people they elected representing them or are they simply pushing their personal ideological agenda? Why are members of the Los Angeles City Council allowing the radical ideology of only a few council members run the city?

Pony rides, rodeo and animal exhibitions, circus animals, horse racing, pushing unhealthy vegan dog food for Los Angeles City shelter dogs, banning the sale of fur, banning products using animal research via the promotion of “Cruelty Free Los Angeles” are all campaigns certain city council members have been involved with in recent years. What do these animal extremist campaigns have to do with making the city of Los Angeles a good place to live for its residents and the people that the city council members are supposed to be representing and supporting? The answer is nothing but harm, especially since the actual percentage of vegan animal extremists in the population is only 2%. Why are they ignoring the other 98% of their constituents?

Los Angeles City Council Honors Radical Animal Extremist Group

Los Angeles City Council honored radical animal extremist group Mercy for Animals, claiming that the group “exposed the horrors of” large modern farms. The article by Jane Unchained, a radical vegan animal extremist, proudly displays a video and the images of Los Angeles City Council members, Koretz, Krekorian, and O’Farrell presenting the award. Their anti-animal agriculture ideology and agenda is very clear.

Large modern farms utilize the most recent advances in agricultural research. Modern farming practices are developed by scientists, researchers, veterinarians, and other experts in their field. These practices embrace the latest in animal welfare and sustainability. How is maligning animal agriculture and honoring a radical group helping the 4 million residents of Los Angeles who depend on the protein products produced by modern farming?

Influence watch and Activist Facts have both exposed the activities and agenda of the group, Mercy for Animals:

Influence Watch-

“Mercy for Animals (MFA) is an animal liberation group that seeks to abolish animal agriculture. In the short run, it advocates for policies that increase government regulations on livestock farming practices. MFA has faced criticism for creating misleading narratives in order to target and accuse farmers of abuse.”

Activist Facts –

“Matt Rice, director of investigations for MFA, is a former PETA employee who spent time on vegan propaganda directed toward schoolchildren.”

Pony Rides in Griffith Park

Pony rides at Griffith Park have been under constant harassment from animal extremists who feel emboldened by the response of the Los Angeles City Council. We recently wrote about the pony rides at Griffith Park after a Protect The Harvest team member spent two days there. The ponies are in great health, and their welfare and wellbeing are top priority. The facilities are in top shape as well. Why are the city council members spending funds to do an additional “investigation” when the facilities are already regularly visited by an equine veterinarian and inspected by the city and county of Los Angeles to assure the safe and humane treatment of the ponies? Why is the city council giving a radical animal extremist group that views all use of animals as slavery and abuse an audience?

Outlawing Horse Racing

During his Los Angeles City Council tenure Roger Wolfson attempted to outlaw horse racing in Los Angeles, even though there are no race tracks. Wolfson himself, as he was proposing a motion to support a statewide ban on horse racing, even said it is symbolic in nature as there currently aren’t any horse races in LA. During the discussions about horse racing, Wolfson let it out that he planned on proposing a ban on rodeo as well. He certainly followed through with that plan.

Rodeo and Animal Exhibition Ban

The ordinance language up for vote by the city council will have a devastating impact on rodeo and animal exhibitions (rodeo-like events) in Southern California. It also has the potential to be interpreted in a way which would make training and use of training equipment on any animal used in an exhibition illegal. This language will impact historic cultural events thorough the 500 square mile jurisdiction of the Los Angeles City Council. The city council members with an animal extremist agenda and ideology are behind this ordinance and it is clear they are only focusing on implementing their personal ideology instead of considering their millions of constituents and the far-reaching implications of the proposed ordinance language.

Vegan Dog Food for Shelter Pets

Three years ago, a major push was made by Los Angeles City Council members to force the Los Angeles City Shelter to feed vegan dog food to shelter dogs. Wolfson was the main council member behind it. He pushed for the vegan diets even after Dr. Jeremy Prupas, Los Angeles County Animal Services Commission Veterinarian, strongly recommended against this detrimental change. In preparing his response to this request made by the vegan extremists, Dr. Prupas consulted three clinical nutritionists at veterinary medical schools, one shelter medicine specialist, and a veterinary toxicologist who works with a pet food company. All of the veterinary specialists contacted by Dr. Prupas agreed that this change was not in the best interest of the animals. Wolfson and other city council members were also unconcerned about the fact that the vegan dog food would cost 4 times more to feed to shelter dogs than the premium dog food that was currently being fed.

Retail Rescue and Outlawing Legal Pet Stores
The Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance outlawing pet stores from selling puppies and kittens from USDA licensed, regulated, and inspected breeders. When obtaining a pet from a pet store that sourced from licensed USDA breeders, both the purchaser and the pet were protected by state laws. This decision stripped away those protections. Now, there are hundreds of “retail rescue” storefronts charging high “adoption fees,” with no protections for the animal or purchaser. Many of these “retail rescues” claim they are non-profits, but actually are not registered as nonprofits with the state.

Outlawing Animal Exhibitions – Circus

The Los Angeles City council approached the outlawing of the circus incrementally. They started with a ban on elephant guides and then later made the more aggressive step to ban circus animals altogether. The fact that circus animals are well treated was ignored, so was the opportunity for children and adults to experience the animals. Instead, like so many other moves the city council has made over the years, certain members put their own personal ideology first. At that time, Protect The Harvest warned these moves were an indicator of an ideology which will expand to other sectors of animal ownership.

Who is the Los Angeles City Council Actually Serving?

It is very clear that the Los Angeles City Council contains members who are self-serving and focusing primarily on their own, personal ideological animal extremist agenda. The Los Angeles City Council presides over 193 communities in Southern California, encompassing over 500 square miles. Some of the communities are urban, others suburban and rural. History and tradition still run deep through the cultural communities governed by the city council. Therefore, if the citizens of these communities want to keep their cultural traditions and lifestyle intact, they must take a deeper look at the city council members who are vying for control. It is imperative that voters pay attention to who is representing them. Their record is important, so is the information they present to the public. In the case of the city council members that follow an animal extremist ideology – the information about their viewpoint and activities are easy to find with a little research. Listed below are some, but not all of the animal extremist activities and alliances:

Blumenfield –
After reviewing Bob Blumenfield’s bio on his Los Angeles City Council website, it is a logical question to ask whether he is actually interested in representing the people in his district. It seems he is more interested in pushing his personal animal extremist ideology and agenda and the agenda of his campaign donors like convicted felon and animal extremist, Ed Buck. His website clearly states under the page title of Fighting for Animal Welfare: “One of the most important responsibilities Blumenfield has as a policymaker is to advocate for those who cannot speak up for themselves.”

It comes as no surprise that Blumenfeld has been honored by the radical animal extremist group PETA and has partnered with another radical animal extremist group, the Voice for the Animals on projects. Blumenfield’s own press releases feature him as an animal rights extremist. He is a supporter of the Beagle Freedom Project (which now has yet another name) and is against necessary research using animals, which happens to benefit animals as well as people.

Wolfson –
Roger Wolfson, former City Council Member, is another radical animal extremist who has had a role in shaping policy in Los Angeles benefitting the animal extremist ideology and agenda. He is well known for attempting to push vegan dog food on dogs in the Los Angeles City Shelter against the recommendations of the city veterinarian and veterinary specialists.

Wolfson has only ramped up his agenda since leaving the City Council. A quick review of his Facebook page shows support of the radical group the NonHuman Rights Project (NhRP), which has filed lawsuit after lawsuit to grant personhood via habeas corpus to an elephant in New York. Wolfson is adamantly against animal agriculture. His Facebook profile is full of posts against poultry farms and pork production. He even shared a comment that he made on a page advertising beef products which showed an image of a nicely cooked steak. His comment read, “Please don’t put disgusting photographs of dead rotting animal corpses on my Facebook feed please.” Apparently, a well-prepared steak is a trigger for Wolfson.

Paul Koretz –
Paul Koretz actively pushes his animal extremist ideology and agenda. His record includes banning elephant guides, banning the legal sale of USDA regulated pets in pet stores, and opening up the market for “retail rescue” scam businesses in Los Angeles. He was also involved in the ban of declawing cats in the city which is an elective procedure that has helped to keep cats in homes, especially the homes of owners who may be elderly or managing immune diseases like HIV. It is important to note that the decision to declaw in order to keep an animal in its home was removed from the traditional purview of its treating veterinarian. Koretz also called for a census of household pets. Koretz is featured frequently on the radical animal extremist show, “Jane Unchained.” He participated in the protest for Billy the Elephant at the Los Angeles City Zoo. Unsurprisingly Koretz has been praised by the ASPCA for his animal extremist agenda and is found online pictured with HSUS director Cheri Shankar who is responsible for filing the highly problematic Prop 12 in California as well as vegan animal extremist Cory Booker. Koretz was a featured speaker along with other animal extremist radicals like Peter Singer at the National Animal Rights Day (NARD) in June of 2021. Koretz also pushed legislation to require vegan menu choices and prioritize concessions that provide vegan entrees on their menu.

Paul Krekorian –
Krekorian was awarded Legislator of the Year by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). He has partnered with both the HSUS and the animal extremist group, Mercy for Animals. According to an article, Krekorian was also the general counsel for the Humane Farming Association which is an animal extremist group that campaigns against large, modern farms. Krekorian has received campaign donations from the Humane Farming Action Committee and was endorsed by the Humane Society Legislative fund. He also received numerous campaign donations from convicted felon and animal extremist Ed Buck.

Mitch O’Farrell-
Mitch O’Farrel is aligned with PETA on projects and is another city council member where the question must be asked whether he is interested in representing the people in his district, or his own, personal animal extremist ideology. It is very clear O’Farrell is against animal agriculture and much of his work is focused on implementing the animal extremist agenda. His bio states, “Mitch has made animal welfare one of his priorities during his time in office. Leading the way on the Elephant bullhook ban, and the Coyote snare ban, are two of his proud accomplishments.” O’Farrell has been a speaker at animal rights conferences. His own campaign video on YouTube video talks about how he is “representing animals.” It is interesting to note that the video doesn’t emphasize representing the people in his district.
O’Farrell has been endorsed by the radical political group, League of Humane Voters. The Board of Advisors for the League of Humane Voters includes members who were founders of other radical groups like, In Defense of Animals, Best Friends Animal Society, Farm Animal Rights Movement and organizing events like, Vegan Earth Day and the National Animal Rights Conference. Their website makes their agenda clear, “Animal exploitation is a political issue and not just a moral one, and we intend to make animal protection a mainstream political issue by building support among citizens, activists, political parties, candidates and elected representatives.” Like Blumenfield, Koretz, and Krekorian, O’Farell also received campaign donations from convicted felon and animal extremist, Ed Buck.

Time to Take Action
This article has not covered all of the animal extremist activities of current and past Los Angeles City Council members. There is more to uncover and disclose. However, it is very clear that there are city council members who are determined to implement their personal, animal extremist ideology and agenda. If you live in Southern California and do not subscribe to the animal extremist ideology, your voices need to be heard. If you live in Southern California and are concerned about your ability to own pets of your choice, to participate in animal-related hobbies, and to enjoy the traditions of Southern California’s cultural and historic heritage, your voices need to be heard. We encourage everyone to thoroughly investigate the people you are voting for before casting a vote. We also encourage people to get involved in their community, whether it is running for public office yourself, or helping to educate others about candidates.

Right now, the Los Angeles City Council needs to hear from you that you will not put up with ordinances that push the animal extremist ideology. Rodeo, animal exhibitions, animal training and pony rides are at risk and your voice is critical in showing the Los Angeles City Council members who are not animal extremists that these traditional cultural activities are important to preserve.

Please sign the petition organized by Western Justice on behalf of the Western Sports Industry Coalition in support of rodeo and submit a comment on the Los Angeles City Council website.

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