Rodeo and Animal Exhibition Bans

This section contains articles dealing with rodeo and animal exhibition bans across the country. We will continue to update the section as more articles are added and updated.

Los Angeles Board of Animal Services Commissioners Recommends Ban of Rodeo Events

Rodeo Ban Language Submitted by Los Angeles City Attorney

Animal Extremist Organizations Threaten The Rodeo Industry

Western Sports Industry Coalition Formed In Response to Proposed Animal Exhibition Ban in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Ban on Rodeo Devices Update

California Rodeo and Other Animal Traditions Threatened

Rodeo and Animal Exhibitions Under Constant Attack by Extremist Groups


Petition to Save Rodeo in Los Angeles- Support Needed

Action Alert – Please Help Preserve Animal Exhibitions and Rodeo

Action Alert- Comments Needed

California’s Alameda County Supervisors Fall For Animal Rights Propaganda and Ban Mutton Busting

Animal Extremist Legislator Rosenthal Targets Rodeo in New York State