We engage in a wide variety of initiatives centered around food security, animal welfare, and property rights.

Our vision is for a free and fed America.


Protect The Harvest Initiatives

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Documentary – Hog Farmer – The Trials of Joey Carter

60 Days to Save America

Friend of the Land

We Must Stand United

Inform – Educate – Respond – Our Efforts to Reach the Public

ELD Mandate – Trucking and Logistics

Wild Spayed Filly Futurity


Animal Ownership and Property Rights

Habeas Corpus – Happy the Elephant Legal Battle

Project Counterglow – Warning Producers and Animal Enterprise

Griffith Park Pony Rides

Rodeo and Animal Exhibition Bans

Performing Animals

30 by 30 – America the Beautiful

North Dakota Rancher – Gary Dassinger

Oregon Ranchers – Dwight and Stephen Hammond

Prop 12 in California – Protect California Families and Agriculture Producers

Pact Act

Salmon Predation Act

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